Dr Viau is a wedding officiant and editor of Ottawa Wedding Journal in Ottawa, Canada. Ottawa wedding journal has a primary focus on the local scene while bringing you the best in wedding advice and trends.


Dr Viau has  performed over 1200 weddings and other life celebrations in the capital of Canada, Ottawa, since 2004 with All Seasons Weddings. As a multi-faith, multi-cultural wedding officiant, he works with and crafts a personalized wedding ceremony for the bride and groom. He aims to ensure the ceremony is a true expression of what is in their hearts and respects their heritage.

He has over a decade of experience with live performances. He has been on-stage as a performer in plays, musicals, concerts and operas. He has worked off-stage as artistic director and stage manager. He has designed lighting, sets and sound.

Dr Viau is married to his Sweetheart of over 37 years and has three wonderfully creative adult children. When not marrying folks, he likes to teach yoga and ride his horse.2013CWA-3rd

PRICING: Typically within Ottawa core is $420+HST. Some travel charges may apply. Rehearsals are $100 extra

My Approach: In crafting a ceremony with you, I look to the love in your hearts. A wedding is about  celebrating your love & commitment in a way that’s built around you & your lives. It is sharing your joy with your friends and families. The feelings that you express take life in your wedding ceremony by your choices of words and rituals. Your wedding ceremony comes from your hearts and spreads to those gathered with you. I welcome the addition of cultural, religious or spiritual aspects that resonate with you to honor your backgrounds.

A video of me talking about weddings: Talking about weddings

Best Celebrant in Canada 2012


  1. Dear Alan:
    Thank you so much for your kind words about “Ottawa Wedding Magazine”!
    We really appreciate all of your positive feedback.
    Hugs to you.
    Best wishes,

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