5 Ways to Make Sure Your Wedding Guest Have the Best Time

To have a fun wedding, ensure your loved ones have a great time. By ensuring that your guests are comfortable, you show them that you care about them. Here are ways to ensure your wedding guests have a great experience.

1. Stick to the Schedule

It’s critical that you have a schedule for your wedding day. To ensure that your ceremony goes without any hitch, you need to stick to it. However, following it to precision might be difficult as you cannot rush your aged relatives. Even so, you don’t want your wedding guests to be idle as you enjoy your photo session.

To avoid this, set a lounge in your reception area where guests can mingle. Fill it with enough drinks and snacks. Also, have enough sits and good music. This creates a great ambiance and keeps your guests engaged while waiting for your arrival.

2. Organize for Entertainment

Entertainment in your reception is good as it ensures your guests are engaged. Moreover, it serves as an icebreaker. You might have guests that are not familiar with each other. Having them engaged in several activities allows them to interact. There are several entertainment ideas you can incorporate into your wedding.

First is having a live band at the reception. Live music will make your guests feel like they are in a music concert. Ensure that different genres of music are played to cater to all your guests’ tastes. When choosing a band, ensure they complement your wedding theme.

In addition, ensure to have a photo booth at your wedding. Notably, not everyone will do a pose with your wedding photographer. However, many will visit the photo booth. This is, therefore, the best way to get pictures of all your wedding guests. Your best bet would be to look for a photo booth for sale.

What’s more, it’s vital that you have an area away from the music. Understand that some people might be exhausted from the loud music and dancing. Also, it can be difficult for them to hold conversations. Having a separate area allows them to relax and have a conversation.

3. Don’t Let Your Guests Go Hungry

Even when you plan to serve the best meal at your reception, your guests should have something to snack on. This ensures they do not get bored waiting for your grand entrance. Vegetable skewers, cheese balls, and soup shooters are great options to incorporate.

Additionally, if your wedding runs late into the evening, ensure to serve a late-night snack. After the main dinner, your guests will enjoy dancing and drinking. Thus, ensuring your guests have enough to counter the drinking and dancing is important. With this, your wedding guests will appreciate the sustenance you offered them.

4. Don’t Cram Your Wedding Reception

When planning your space, ensure you don’t have many activities in your reception. Make sure you don’t disrupt your guests from dancing to have them watch another activity taking place. Begin with having spacious walkways. This is to ensure that everyone can walk through easily across the space.

Furthermore, have enough space on the dance floor to ensure the guests are comfortably dancing. However, it should not be too big as it can make them feel awkward on the floor. In addition, have a separate cocktail space to ensure no disruption.

5. Work on the Seating Arrangement

Creating a seating chart might be overwhelming. However, getting it right guarantees the comfort of your wedding guests. You don’t want to have people who aren’t familiar with each other at the same table. This will make the feel uneasy throughout the period.

For a good seating chart, ensure to organize your guests by groups. Seat them according to family members, colleagues, college mates, and high school mates. This ensures that everyone in the group gets along and shares something in common. Also, consider setting a kids’ table. To keep them engaged, you can arrange activities. Ensure that the kids’ table is close to their parents’ table. It ensures the children don’t get anxious about not seeing their parents.

Having people travel across the country for your wedding shows their love and care for you. Thus, ensure they are comfortable and have a great time. Work with wedding professionals to ensure everything is properly planned.

Alan Viau

Alan is an Ottawa minister, yogi, business consultant, and scientist