Wedding Prep Steps for Big Events

Preparation is key when it comes to planning your wedding. While the main goal is to get married, getting to that big moment is anything but simple. Take the stress out of your wedding preparations by following these four tips for planning successful events.

1. Stick to Your Budget

Setting a budget should be the first step in planning any wedding. While the budget should allow room for flexibility, it’s your guiding force in determining where you can splurge and where you should cut costs. Start setting your budget by making a detailed list of all your expected costs.

When creating your budget, consider the price of the venue, the catering, the decorations, and all your other wedding must-haves. Remember to regularly update and track your budget to make sure everything is going as planned.

2. Have a Mood Board

Mood boards are at the heart of any wedding-day inspiration. In addition to providing yourself with the picture-perfect vision for your big day, having a shareable mood board will help vendors ensure they’re working towards a cohesive look and style. Create a mood board by using the likes of Instagram or Pinterest to save, like, and search for images and videos that best fit your aesthetic.

Want to make things easier for yourself? Consider printing out a physical copy of your mood board. This way, you’ll have it on hand to show anyone that asks.

3. Schedule Transportation

Most wedding prep misses out on one huge detail: transportation. While most couples expect their guests to make their way to their wedding on their own, failing to consider the details of additional transportation can be a huge misstep. Look for a bus charter in the area to make the most appropriate plans for getting your guests to and from the venue location. Some venues are located in remote areas with limited parking, so having a means of transportation for your guests would be greatly appreciated.

4. Hire a Stylist

No wedding preparation is complete without making plans for a stylist. Whether you need help in choosing the bridesmaids’ dresses or you have to perform a last-minute fitting on the big day, having the right stylist on hand will save you from major fashion faux-pas. Reach out to stylists early on in the wedding planning process to make sure you have the right person on your team that will see things through from beginning to end.

Weddings can be overwhelming, but with enough preparation, they can be pulled off without a hitch. Use this guide to help inspire your wedding planning process and to keep everything going smoothly up to the big day.