Mediterranean, Korean, and More: Best International Cuisines for Your Wedding Reception

Interesting and delicious food options are a staple for any wedding reception. Since these events typically have a limited menu, choosing the type of cuisine to serve can be one of the many difficult wedding decisions new couples have to make. There are plenty of international options to use to complement your wedding themes and needs.


The beauty of Mediterranean cuisine is that it’s familiar, but there’s still plenty of variety. Americans are used to Greek foods as well as some of the off-beat regional choices, including Turkish or Lebanese. This choice can fit into any kind of wedding theme and food can range from casual to formal dining. It’s a flexible pick that’s likely to be popular with most guests.


There are also plenty of catering options for couples who want to feature or include authentic Asian dishes at their reception. There is incredible diversity in Asian food, even within small regions, so it’s something you want to explore and try yourself before filling the menu. Be sure to consider your guests’ ability to enjoy the spices, tastes, and ingredients. When in doubt, make sure the menu has some neutral or relatively plain items as a safe alternative.

Mexican and South American

The prevalence of Mexican and South American cuisine in North America makes it another interesting option for wedding fare. There are also plenty of new and interesting ways to put an exciting spin on food items. Take advantage of authentic local recipes or freshly combine items to give your guests something special to enjoy at their tables. Much like the Mediterranean, this kind of food is also perfect for any size or type of wedding ranging from fast and casual to dress-up and formal.


German cuisine is a great choice for your reception. With pretzels being an easy finger food for children, and bratwurst being an adult favorite—you’ll be able to please most of your party! With meatballs, potato salad, and stuffed herring all being an option, you and your fiancé will have a blast choosing which foods to include in your menu. 

The only limitation on acceptable cuisine is your imagination. There’s nothing wrong with pulling menu items from totally different cultures or countries. Diversity on the menu gives your guests more freedom to try something new. Many couples also forsake the traditional dinner menu for something more lively and festive, like rotating appetizers throughout the night or buffet-style serving.

Finding the best cuisine for your wedding doesn’t have to be a painful, laborious decision. Narrow the list down to a few options and then sit down with your partner and just pick one. There are great food options no matter what type of cuisine you pick, so don’t let the choice limit you from making the most out of the experience.