8 Reasons You Should Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

A wedding is not complete without photos. Being a once in a lifetime event, many people want to have the memories of that day captured. There’s no better way of doing that than through a photo booth. There are many advantages of using a photo booth compared to not having one.
Other than making the photo session fun and exciting, a photo booth guarantees you and your guest high-quality photos. Whether it is photography, videography, or online galleries, you can count on a professional and experienced team to do a perfect job.
Below are 8 Reasons You Should Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding:
1.   Entertain Visitors
While you’re away taking pictures and mingling with your family members, a photo booth is a great way of keeping your guests entertained. It is also a chance for your visitors to interact and take pictures with each other. Use a photo booth to break the ice with your visitors and take that opportunity to welcome them to the celebrations.
2.   Instant Prints
Who would want to wait for days or weeks before their wedding photos arrive? With a photo booth, your visitors won’t have to wait until after the wedding to get their photos. Technology has greatly improved making it possible for cameras can print pictures instantly. Most vendors will offer at least one print per person. This means you can have a copy for four guests in less than a minute. This saves you the burden of having to distribute photos after the wedding.
3.   Offers Visitors an Opportunity to Interact
A photo booth is a great ice breaker. As guests loosen up during the cocktail hour, they can gather at the photo booth and know each other as they take pictures. It also creates a talking point between people who are meeting each other for the first time. Additionally, a photo booth can also be a great way to distract your visitors as the final details are finalized at the reception.
4.   Perfect for All Ages
Another reason why a photo booth is important at your wedding is the fact that it caters to all ages. No one can resist the flash of a camera and the excitement that comes with taking photos inside a photo booth. Photo booths are very easy to work with. The moment one person enters, the rest will automatically follow. It brings about the aspect of togetherness among all family members.
5.   Themes
Would you like your visitors to be tropical tourists? Or photo cut-outs with your fiancé? A photo booth will help you do just that. Whatever theme you want, our team will bring out photos the way you would want them to appear. A photo booth can bring a big difference to your wedding photos. All you have is to give clear instructions on what you expect.
6.   Online Galleries
Other than producing high-quality pictures instantly, most photo booths nowadays provide online galleries on top of the physical services. The galleries can upload both the complete template of the three photos and a GIF of the same combined. If your wedding venue has Wi-Fi, then these photos will be uploaded instantly or you can view them later.
7.   Customized Templates
Technology has continued to transform the way photo booths work. Software options are offering great opportunities that allow customers to customize different designs. A good example of these is branded or customized templates. It would be good to find out from your vendor if they have these options and give them your preferences.
8.   Wedding Guestbook
A guestbook is a nice accompaniment for any photo booth experience. How does it work? Your photo booth specialist or vendor will bring with him a deluxe guestbook and produce extra prints from every photo session and stick them into the book. They will then request visitors who were featured in those particular photos to leave custom messages to the bride and groom, close to their photo. These are wonderful and inexpensive additions that can put inject life into your wedding photos.
A wedding is one of the most important events. You would want to make it as memorable and interesting as possible. There’s no better way of achieving this than through a photo booth.