8 Etiquette Rules Your Bridesmaids Should Agree to Follow

Being asked to be a bridesmaid remains an honor for many. Bridesmaids make up a significant part of a grand celebration of love and have a close-up look at the union ceremony. However, with so many stories about Bridezilla, how do you tell your bridesmaids not to worry? You don’t plan to put non-stop demands on your bridesmaids, will you? Before driving yourself nuts, discover the eight etiquette rules your bridesmaids should follow. Implementing these rules will take your wedding planning to another level and ensure your festivities go smoother.

1. Bridesmaids – Don’t Make The Occasion About You

It is easy to become envious or even jealous of a bride. A bride gets treated like a princess by her family and swooned over by the groom. However, bridesmaids must remember that this is the bride’s day. Therefore, tell them to put aside their feelings and allow the bride to bask in the radiance of her day.

2. Bridesmaids – Attend Bridal Events

There will be multiple events celebrating the bride and groom. As a bridesmaid. Some of those events include:

  • Engagement parties
  • Bridal showers
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Honeymoon send-off brunch

Attending as many bridal events as possible is crucial. Many of these parties seem redundant and can overtake a social calendar for several months. There are several reasons for attending bridal events is bridal etiquette to be followed. However, the main reason is that it creates a bond between the bridesmaids, which helps make wedding events more memorable. Besides attending, bridesmaids help plan and execute events.

3. Bridesmaids – Help Shower The Bride

Along with all the other parties for the bride and groom are bridal showers. Sometimes a bride has up to four or five showers. As a bridesmaid, helping prepare food, hosting, or pitching in resources is one duty a bride can expect.

4. Bridesmaids – Ask The Bride About Jewelry

This rule says, “please don’t overdo it with jewelry.” This rule is because when brides look back on the video from my wedding, they don’t want to hear the click-clack of bangles.

As a bridesmaid, asking the bride about wedding day jewelry is proper etiquette. Some jewelry adds a great finishing touch, but other jewelry is over the top. Even if brides leave jewelry decisions for bridesmaids, remember that all bling-bling doesn’t get worn at once.

5. Bridesmaids – Plan To Pay For Your Bridesmaid Dress

The cost of being a bridesmaid can get expensive. Besides hosting parties and attending outings that require a gift, the bridesmaid pays for their own look on the wedding day. That includes shoes, accessories, hair styling, bridesmaids’ dresses, and a professional makeup look. However, one of the most expensive items that the bridesmaid has to pay for is the bridesmaid’s dress.

When it comes to bridesmaids’ dresses, there is a new trend. It is allowing each bridesmaid to select a dress that fits their personality and style. This ideal situation is a win-win for the bride and bridesmaids. According to montiqueclothing.com.au, “bridesmaid dresses that will complement your wedding gown, while still letting your bridesmaids show their style and personality.”

6. Bridesmaids- Leave Any Drama At Home

Whether you had a big fight with your significant other or panicked because you couldn’t find your keys, leave your drama and negative energy at the door on the wedding day. Better yet, leave them at home. The bride will have enough stress and anxiety without you passing along negative energy on her wedding day.

7. Bridesmaids – Be On Time

“Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.” – Miles Davis.

During the bridal season, there will be a lot of demands on time. However, bridesmaids must be on time for events – especially the wedding. Arriving on time for events is a show of respect and gratitude.

8. Bridesmaids – Have Fun

Planning for a wedding can be stressful. However, having a clear vision of love and joy on the wedding day makes having fun vital. One way to ensure that the bride has a good time is for you to have fun.


As you have read, being asked to be a bridesmaid remains an honor for many. However, with so many stories about Bridezilla, can a bride assure all your bridesmaids that there is no need for them to fear? Instead of going nuts, integrate these eight etiquette rules that the bridesmaids should follow into wedding planning. Implementing these rules will take the planning to another level and ensure your festivities go smoother.