5 Ethical Jewelry Options for the Sustainable Bride

You have dreamt of your wedding day since you were a little girl and now that the day is almost here you must be very excited. You need to make sure that everything is perfect. While ensuring the food, décor and other venue items are sustainable is easy, it is harder to ensure that what you wear is sustainable. This is not to say that it is impossible. You can wear clothes and jewelry that are made sustainably and ethically. But what jewelry options do you have? Here is a look at options that are ideal for the sustainable bride you are.

Pearl Necklaces and Earrings

Pearls are available in a wide range of colors but the pure whites are perfect for your wedding day. They will go perfectly with your wedding dress no matter the design you have chosen. Choose an intricate pearl necklace and match it with beautiful pearl earrings for the perfect look. Even if you only opt to make use of one type of pearl jewelry, you will be making a good decision. Pearls are made using sustainable methods. The oysters from which the pearls are made are well-taken care of and the process is done in the most humane way possible. Whether you opt for a sweetheart necklace, a choker, or dangling earrings, pearl jewelry is a great choice.

Lab-grown Diamond Rings

What is an engagement ring without a dazzling diamond to crown it? It is probably just a piece of metal. Well, you need to ensure that yours has a beautiful diamond to crown it. How can you get a sustainable diamond ring? Opt for rings that are fitted with lab-grown diamonds. These are more sustainable than the mined ones. These diamonds are made by mimicking the natural process of diamond making in the laboratory. The result is sustainable fine jewelry that looks great. Lab-grown diamonds make fine sustainable jewelry pieces including rings, necklaces, and others. Whether you want a diamond ring or a diamond pendant necklace, you can find something suitable. Whether you like your rock big or small, choose the sustainable option.

Gold Wedding Bands

Gold seems to be the standard when it comes to wedding bands. While some people go for the old plain look, others opt for embellished bands while others engrave unique messages on them. No matter what your preference is as a couple, sticking to gold is a great choice. This metal has been around for ages and it has come to be a symbol of unending love. The best part is that you can find golden wedding bands that are made in an eco-friendly manner. Opt for bands made from recycled gold which has a lower impact on the environment. Recycling metal means less waste is generated and the environment remains safe. Other than golden wedding bands, you could also opt for gold necklaces, earrings, anklets, and other jewelry. Look at the manufacturer’s practices before buying from them. Only buy from those who are environment-conscious.

Family Jewelry

What is more special than a brand new necklace for your wedding? The one your mom wore on her big day! Even the ring your spouse’s grandmother wanted to pass down the generations is pretty special. Reusing family jewelry is a great way to look great on your big day while ensuring sustainability. You will not require someone to go out there and look for the minerals needed to make your jewelry. You simply take out that old family memento and reuse it. You could adjust it to your liking or use it just as it is. Either way, you will be saving Mother Nature and money at the same time.

Second-Hand Jewelry

You do not need brand new necklaces, earrings, and rings to look gorgeous on your big day. You can make use of previously owned jewelry and still look dazzling. By opting for this, you will save money and at the same time remain ethical. Alternatively, use jewelry you already own. Think of that gift your sweetheart first gifted you. Would it not be perfect for your big day? It is a great choice.

With the above ethical jewelry options, the sustainable bride will definitely find suitable jewelry. Embellish your look with jewelry that is made in a manner that has little or no negative impact on the environment. By ensuring your dressing and the wedding at large are environment-friendly, you are likely to enjoy your day more.

Photo from Pexels