How to Style Your Bridesmaids for a Beautiful Wedding

Your wedding day is the best day of your life, and you want to ensure it’s perfect. That perfection includes the bridesmaids, who are essential to any big ceremony. What they wear can either enhance or detract from this special moment, so choosing their dresses carefully is important. Here are a few things you can learn when picking out your bridesmaids’ dresses—and making sure they look great on them:

●     Your Bridesmaids’ Dress Details Are Important

Your bridesmaids’ dresses are as important as your own. The bride’s dress is the most important, but the bridesmaids’ dresses are also part of your wedding day’s overall look and feel. Choosing a flattering style for each depends on what works best for their body type.

When picking out bridesmaids’ dresses, think about how they’ll complement yours. You also want them to be comfortable in their attire to enjoy dancing with you all night long.

●     Consider Your Bridesmaids before You Start Considering the Options

Before thinking about colors and silhouettes, consider the bridesmaids themselves. First, consider their height and weight.

Also, some older bridesmaids might not want anything too revealing, considering things like age or personality. At the same time, younger ones might feel self-conscious if they wear something too conservative. Some people aren’t comfortable with big life changes. So, you should think carefully about how much change is right for each person when planning their outfit choice. (And don’t forget: They may have different opinions from yours.)

●     Make Sure Everyone Is Comfortable Enough to Move and Dance in Their Dresses

When choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses, ensure you and your bridesmaids are on the same page. It’s important to remember that these ladies will be on their feet for most of the day. Their dresses should be comfortable, not too tight or loose, and not too long or short. You can’t stress enough how important it is for them to have properly fit clothes. You also want to ensure each dress has a similar feel, so they all look cohesive.

●     Make Sure the Dress Looks Good on All of Your Girls

Make sure the necklines and waist attachments flatter everyone’s size and shape.

You want each girl to feel comfortable and confident in their beautiful wrap bridesmaid dress. That’s why it’s important to ensure the dress is appropriate for their body type, height, and personal style. The dress should be flattering on all your attendants, from the bride to her maid of honor. When picking out bridal party attire, there are a few things you should look for:

  • Does it flatter everyone’s size and shape?
  • Is it too short or too long? (This can be adjusted with a hemline change.)
  • Is it too tight or loose? (This won’t be an issue if you order custom-made dresses.)
  • And most importantly: does this silhouette highlight what we want to be highlighted? If so, then great.

●     Consider a Travel-Friendly Dress

When choosing a dress for your bridesmaids, consider making it travel-friendly. You want to ensure they can get their dresses packed up and ready to go without fuss. So look for a dress that:

  • It doesn’t wrinkle when folded or stored in the luggage
  • It is easy to carry (for example, with straps)
  • It is easy to wear (no elaborate zippers or buttons)

●     Pick Something That Looks Good on Your Bridesmaids and Suits the Style of the Wedding Day

There are a few things to keep in mind when picking a dress for your bridesmaids:

  • Pick something that looks good on each bridesmaid. Does she have a wide frame? A small waist? Is she tall or short? Make sure the dress you pick fits her body type and accentuates her best features.
  • Make sure it suits the style of your wedding day. If you’re having an outdoor summer ceremony, consider picking a sundress or two-piece set that won’t get ruined by wind or rain. But also works well with heels for more formal occasions (like a cocktail hour).


Your bridesmaids are there for you when you need them, so let them know how appreciated they are. Don’t stress too much about picking what they wear. The important thing is that you all have a wonderful time and everyone looks good on your big day.