How To Plan a Bachelorette Weekend Getaway

Even though you are looking forward to your upcoming wedding day, that does not mean you and your best girlfriends still can’t get together beforehand and take off on a fantastic bachelorette weekend getaway. Whether you are planning to stick close by to your home or have decided to go all-out on an extravagant getaway hundreds of miles away, planning well along the way will ensure you and everyone else will have plenty of fun. As to the planning process itself, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Plan in Advance
While you might be able to spring this idea on everyone and have things still go well, it is usually best if you start planning your getaway several weeks ahead of time. When you do, this gives everyone the chance to juggle their schedules, save up a few bucks for the trip, and think about what they would like to do on the trip.

Nail Down the Details
Once you know everyone has their schedules cleared for the weekend trip, nail down some very important details, such as where all of you will be staying. This can include checking on bungalow event space rental, which would be a perfect way for everyone to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable getaway before your wedding. Make sure to schedule these ahead of time, as bungalows are popular and you’ll want to snag your spot. Also, don’t forget to book flights, line up rental cars at your destination, and other essentials you’ll need upon arrival.

Plan Some Activities
Although you and everyone else certainly won’t want the weekend getaway planned down to the minute, do try to plan some activities everyone will enjoy. This may include making reservations at a day spa, where you and your friends can spend hours getting pampered with massages, manicures and pedicures, and more. Other fun activities can include visiting a nearby winery, amusement park, or nightclub for some dancing.

Set Payment Deadlines
Since plane tickets, rental cars, and hotels all cost money, set payment deadlines for everyone who will be going on the trip. If you can afford it, you can choose to pay for everything yourself initially, then have everyone pay you their share of the trip later on. No matter which option you choose, make sure the money matters are taken care of as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they may wind up spoiling what is supposed to be a fun getaway with your friends.

Once you put these tips into practice, you and your friends will soon find yourselves having a bachelorette weekend getaway that will create fun memories you will be reliving for decades to come.