15 Hilarious Bachelor Party Games

As the stag do draws nearer and nearer, the question of party organization starts looming on the horizon. The closer it is, the easier it is to get lost in the logistics of booking a venue and catering services, leaving everything else for last minute. But, contrary to what you might think, the guests are not going to be entertained on their own. In other words – you need to plan the party activities as well!

Whether you’re the best man tasked with the duty of planning the event or the groom looking for ideas, you’re on the right track! Scroll through our bachelor party games selection and find some creative inspiration on how to spend time before the real party begins!

Drinking games

When looking for warm-up bachelor party activities, drinking games are definitely the first ones that come to everyone’s mind. A wild crew will surely embrace them as a great way to get ready for a pub crawl, so take out your pen and note them down:

  • Shot roulette – A shot glass for each player and a roulette wheel is all you need for this game. And booze, of course, but that goes without saying – to make the game even more interesting you can put different types of alcoholic drink in each shot glass!
  • Drinking dice – Go straight back to the college days with just a couple of dices! Assign each roll a meaning (for example: when dice total 5, only the groom drinks, when the total is 10 – everyone drinks, etc.) and enjoy!
  • Drunken Jenga – You’ve surely played Jenga before, but maybe not one involving alcohol! The rules are simple – the one who knocks the tower over drinks a strong cocktail. The only downside is that it’s mostly fit for a small number of players, though you can divide into teams as well and have players take turns.
  • Beer pong – Yet another classic that will take you back to your teenage years. Other than the classic beer pong rules known to everyone there are numerous variations such as Corners, Civil War, and Quidditch Pong, to name but a few.
  • Spin the bottle – Whether it’s a full-blown roulette-like base with a bottle and various challenges to land or a DIY version, this game can’t disappoint. You can even make up the outcomes yourself and ads a special twist (pun intended, indeed) to it.

Board games

Not all bachelor parties have to resemble The Hangover movie trilogy – a chill hangout is fine as well. A more low-key option is a board game night, which can either be a warm-up activity or a full night affair. If you’re out of ideas or unsure what’s a good pick for a stag do, here’s some board game suggestions:

  • Cash n guns – A game where you get to point foam guns at the guys to get them to back down in order to take loot for yourself. As the game’s motto says – ’guns speak louder than money’, so if you’re up for some gangster, Godfather-like drama, this is it.
  • The resistance – A boardgame take on the Mafia game, and ultimately a game of deception and social deduction. Players are divided into teams of Operatives and Spies and have five rounds to win the mission.
  • Ugg-Tect – Here’s a light-hearted construction team-based game where all of you get to be the cavemen. This is a great game for a smaller close-knit group of friends, as you get to hit each other on the head with clubs – a truly priceless fun, wouldn’t you say?
  • Telestrations – ’Guess what they drew, then draw what they guessed, and see how funny the changes get.’ The game contains markers, erasable sketchbooks and a 90 second sand-timer. The game thrives on miscommunication, so the point isn’t really in getting it right, so it’s not as competitive as the previous three games.
  • Off Topic – Great conversation-starter! ’ Write unique answers to absurd prompts, using the same 1st letter, before time’s up’. It covers some unconventional topics for sure, and is bound to be a game night hit, so check it out!

Card games

No matter if you only have a regular deck of cards or plan to purchase a special cards game

  • Say anything – One player is asked a question and the others predict and bet on the right answer. Chips are collected for each correct answer, and the player that has the most wins. With 360 questions in store, the game’s bound to be interesting, and you can even pick out the top 50 questions if you’re using it only as warm-up activity.
  • Cards against humanity – This game needs no introduction, but you’ll be happy to know that, apart from the original edition they now have many special ones as well. First off, there are numerous extensions in different colored boxed, but check out editions like Climate Catastrophe Pack, Nasty Bundle and Nerd Bundle!
  • Drunk Stoned or Stupid – This game is a variation of Who’s most likely to: A party game. Essentially, this is a game of embarrassing accusations, which doesn’t have winners, only losers! In fact, the biggest ’loser’, the player who collects 7 cards, wins!
  • That’s What She Said – To use the description on the box itself, this is a ’twisted game of innuendos’. The name really says it all, this is Cards Against Humanity with a naughty
  • Hot Seat – Why not put the groom in the hot seat by asking him all kinds of funny and a bit uncomfortable questions. Make it a night to remember by laughing at the hilarious jokes and situations the groom’s surely going to spill during the game. Guaranteed fun!

Let’s hope at least one of the abovementioned games sparked your interest and you can breathe a sigh of relief, and you can relax knowing the guests will be entertained. Have a great party and enjoy it to the fullest!

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