9 Fantastic Honeymoon Ideas to Try in 2022

A lot of couples put a lot of time and energy into making sure their wedding is the most immaculate celebration. In addition to planning and preparing for your actual marriage, it’s nice to plan an incredible honeymoon. It’s the first opportunity for you two to intimately celebrate as a couple. It should set the bar for how other vacations will be for the two of you as you continue through marriage. In order to make it phenomenal, consider some of the best honeymoon ideas to try in 2022.

1. Plan a Themed Honeymoon

Take a look at some of your favorite pastimes as a couple. Think about a favorite movie or show you two enjoy together. Even if it’s a favorite sports team or musical artist, consider crafting a themed honeymoon that pays homage to your favorite pastime. If you two love watching The Sound of Music, consider taking a romantic trip through Austria.

2. Secure a Private Jet

If you’re a lover of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, chances are that you’ve seen the couples and celebrities who record themselves getting on private planes and jets. It has such a luxury vibe. Even if your honeymoon is in the states, consider using a trip where you use a private jet new york to miami. Once you two get used to flying private, you might gain new dreams to own your own jet one day.

3. Bring Another Couple

This might sound like an unusual idea, but this has been a trend in recent years. Couples are opting to enjoy a few days on their own. Then, once they’ve vacationed for a few days, a couple will fly out to join them for the second leg of their trip. The other couple secures their own accommodations to ensure privacy. In order for this to work, make sure it’s a couple that you two absolutely enjoy and adore. This is a great way to end the honeymoon on a high note.

4. Take a Month Off

While this will take some reorganizing and planning on the work front, consider taking a month off to thoroughly enjoy each other. This works especially well if you are planning to travel internationally. If you’re going to fly across the world, why not hang out there for a while?

5. Sign Up for a Course

When you’re on your honeymoon, you should definitely make time for rest and relaxation. You don’t want to overcrowd your day with itineraries, but it’s still nice to get out. When you venture outside of your hotel room, make time for enjoyable experiences like bike rentals and fine dining. If you two are a fan of pasta and you’re vacationing in Italy, look for a class where you can learn to make delicious pasta.

6. Get Tattoos

Tattoos are often fun to look at as they each mean something special to the person who gets them. Many couples get cute tattoos on their ring fingers to commemorate their love. Get each other’s initials tattooed on the ring finger. It’s a small, delicate, and inconspicuous way to put your love in permanent ink.

7. Do a Photoshoot

Peruse through Instagram in order to find photographers in the city you’re heading to. Look for photographers who have great Instagram pages in order to ensure you’ll get quality pictures. Book them, and show up for a great honeymoon photoshoot.

8. Start a Keepsake Tradition

Whenever you travel together, you’re now doing so as a married couple. As a married couple, begin a keepsake tradition where you collect a memento. Whether it’s a shot glass with the city or country engraved or the same style of picture in each place, find a keepsake tradition to maintain.

9. Resist Technology

While technology has its fair share of positive factors, it’s the last thing you need to engage in when you’re on your honeymoon. Try to have a no-tech honeymoon where you two leave your tablets, laptops, and other devices at home. With the exception of your phones for calls, directions, and photos, do your best to avoid social media, email, and other channels for connection. Use this time to connect with each other during your first few moments as a married couple.

If your wedding and honeymoon celebrations are happening this year, work on securing those details sooner rather than later. As you make your plans and get more excited about your upcoming nuptials, thoroughly savor the moments. As a couple, remember that this is the amazing launch of your union in the world. With these incredible honeymoon ideas, you’ll ensure that it’s truly a time to remember.