7 Couple’s Getaway Ideas For Your Anniversary

The average couple spends between two hours to two and a half hours together each week. A lot of that time is spent doing passive things where communication is rare, like doing chores or watching TV. If you want your anniversary to be special, as it should be, below are a few getaway ideas to help you enjoy each other.

1. Cabin in the Woods

Most people lead busy lives, so finding time for each other can be challenging. If you feel like this is happening with your relationship, then an anniversary is the best time to do something about it. One way to do something is to head to a cabin in the middle of winter.

You can head to Canada; this cold region gives you a reason to stay indoors beside the fireplace. You’ll get cozy, and you’ll have plenty of time to spend with each other. Be sure to take everything you might need to stay in for an extended period because it’s no fun to travel when it’s cold outside.

2. Relaxing Near the Ocean

Florida has some spectacular beaches in the world. Some of their beaches, especially the one in Clearwater, FL have been ranked as one of the most beautiful out there. This makes it the perfect place to go for your anniversary.

You get to enjoy the summer heat together. You can enjoy the cuisine complete with things like Cubanos, and you could even get a couples massage in Clearwater, FL. A beautiful setting allows you to realize how lucky you are to be together. This can help create some special memories.

3. Adventures in Hollywood

California is the perfect place for adventures. The state is rich in culture and opportunities. You can walk the streets of Hollywood in the morning and still have time to hike the majestic mountains in the state. You could ski up in Big Bear.

After that, you could come back to the city and have authentic street tacos from a street vendor. There’s no end to the kinds of things you could experience together. You could also sail if you want or maybe go to a farm to pick some oranges. Experiencing fun things together will make this anniversary special.

4. Bed and Breakfast in a Small Town

There’s something special about being in a small town. These towns don’t have a fast-food joint on every corner.

In these places, you should find restaurants that offer farm-to-table meals. That’s what you’ll find in Rhode Island. All you need to do is find a small town and look for a bed and breakfast there. A getaway to a place like this can center your mind a bit while you enjoy the hospitality of small-town folks.

5. Love Under the Parisian Lights

Sometimes, all you need is the right setting, and the rest just falls into place. Everyone knows how romantic Paris is. All you need to do is set foot in the city, and all those movies and songs about this beautiful city will fill your mind.

It’ll help set the mood. Plus, many of the restaurants and shops are perfectly suited for couples in love. Sure, being romantic comes easy for some, but some people need a little help. If you think you’re one of those folks, then this is where you should go for your anniversary.

6. Escape to a Romantic Island

The island trip could help you two disconnect from the things that usually cloud your minds. For this, you can head to Mackinac Island in Michigan. It’s a charming island.

The population is small, and there are many things to enjoy, like shops and restaurants. The island is magical. You will find wild horses and absolutely no cars around. It’ll be as if you traveled back in time with the love of your life.

7. Horseback Riding in the Wilderness

If you want to hunt or ride horses with your beloved, then Jackson Hole might be for you. It’s such an idyllic little town in Wyoming that’s brimming with natural beauty.

You’ll find mountains, open plains, and much more tucked away here. You can spend time together, looking at all the majesty around you. People tend to forget how special this planet is, but this little town will remind you. No matter where you look, there will be beauty, and you’ll get to share it with your loved one.

Now, you know where to go for your anniversary. Talk it over with your partner and choose a location that’s right for both of you.