5 Reasons You Should Get Matching Wedding Ring Bands

The wedding ring has always symbolized eternal love, commitment, and completeness with its unbroken circle design that never ends. It’s a lovely sentiment and probably the most important piece of jewelry you will ever wear. That is why the purchase of your and your partner’s wedding rings matters, and if they are matching wedding bands, the special meaning is that much stronger.

1. Celebrating Personal Style

When you choose matching wedding ring bands, you’re expressing your personal style as a devoted couple. It’s both a traditional and contemporary look to see two partners wearing bands that are beautifully created in the same style.

For instance, matching wedding band sets come in modern metals such as tungsten, titanium, cobalt, etc. with stunning inlays featuring lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, and others.

2. Adding Private Engraved Messages

This is another wonderful bonus of choosing matching wedding bands. When you and yours add a special sentiment in an engraved message inside the bands, it becomes even more meaningful on your day of nuptials and the future you will share together.

The two of you will have this unique message of bonding, which could simply say “I love you” or maybe include a line from your wedding vows such as “I do” or “Today and every day,” or favorite song lyrics you both adore.

3. Classic Tradition

Another reason for purchasing matching bands for your wedding is the idea of respecting an old-fashioned, vintage, or classic tradition. It’s all about staying with a custom that has lasted for many, many years.

Throughout the decades, wedding band sets have been made as two similar-looking rings, one for the bride, and one for the groom with the bride’s ring designed as a thinner version of the groom’s.

This is still a very popular choice for couples because it allows devoted pairs to stay in a classic vibe of wedding tradition, and yet, with today’s amazing styles and alternative metals, wear a modern band that people notice and admire.

According to Vansweden Jewelers, which sells matching wedding bands, “ a wedding band represents love, devotion, and fidelity to your significant other…you pick rings that boldly tell the world about you two as a couple and as an individual…you’ll wear your ring of choice as a reminder of your vows and the one who holds a special place in your heart.”

4. Showing Your Strong Union

Some couples only purchase matching wedding ring bands because of the symbolic beauty behind the jewelry. You and your partner are both on the same page right down to the bands, and for a lot of loved-up pairs, this shows strength in their union and being very proud to express devotion, romance, and everlasting love.

Let’s face it. Matching wedding bands not only enjoy a long history around here, but way, way back during ancient Egypt, the pharaohs wore matching band sets, and this continued with the wealthy patricians during the Roman Empire and on and on.

For instance, when ancient Egyptian couples exchanged rings, their wedding bands were far different than the metal symbols worn today. Instead, they exchanged rings made from braided reeds and hemp, according to historians. As tradition goes, the rings were placed on the fourth finger of the left hand believing that the “vein of love” ran from this finger directly to one’s heart.

5. Believing In The Love Circle

Matching wedding ring bands look elegant on couples who wish to be committed to the circle of love meaning, something that is recognized around the globe in many cultures.

The universal love circle brings together two people with open hearts who fall in love and can connect on a deep level. Many have called this the ultimate experience in life, and the wedding band represents a devoted pair’s meaning of infinity, timelessness, and eternity.

Believing in the love circle is an awesome feeling when two imperfect people come together to create a perfect union, through thick and thin, ups and downs, and everything incredible in between.

Your wedding day is a big deal whether you quietly exchange vows in an intimate ceremony for two or walk down the aisle with several hundred guests in attendance. It’s your love, your way, and your special moment. Take your time to choose wedding ring bands that reflect your circle of love, honor, and commitment.

Photo from Pexels