7 Services You Need to Consider When Planning a Wedding

You said yes when he got down on one knee to give you your engagement ring. The easy part was over. The planning process can never start too soon. You have probably been to or in a wedding at some point in your life. However, you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. It’s time to get out your to-do list. Make sure you have a long piece of paper, many hands to make light work, and patience.

1. Hire Your Caterer First

Ever since the pandemic rocked the world in 2020, wedding services have been delayed. Many people had to postpone their wedding for at least a year. Service providers have been booked solid ever since the world opened up again for business as usual. Talk to friends, family, and colleagues to get recommendations for your caterer. You can also do an online search. 

Pay close attention to businesses that are ranked high on the list. However, don’t be afraid to scroll down or go to the next page. You may be pleasantly surprised by someone who doesn’t have the power of SEO optimization to land them on the initial page of your search. Once you find someone you like, talk about potential dates. In the end, your caterer’s availability may determine what you mark on your calendar.

2. Book Your Venue

Most people will agree that where the wedding reception takes place ranks at the top of the list. Consider what fits you and your partner best when it comes to your personalities. Choosing an on-site location will make your life easier. Whether it’s a banquet hall, barn designed specifically for special events, a restaurant, or a hotel, it will be fully equipped for your special day. Make sure you pick a space where you can bring in your caterer unless you would prefer to go with the highly recommended staff at your venue.

3. Don’t Forget the Florist

Flowers, greenery, and plants are a must at a wedding. You’ll need more than your bouquet and flowers for your attendants. Flowers can be a focal point when you want to set the scene. When you are selecting your personal bouquet, consider going with artificial flowers that can be saved as a keepsake to commemorate your special day. Wood flowers are an innovative replacement for traditional flower arrangements. They are a true piece of artwork that will last forever.

4. Select Your Officiant for the Ceremony

You need someone to perform your wedding ceremony. In most cases, it will be someone meaningful in your life, such as your pastor or a good friend who has acquired a certificate to perform weddings. If you don’t have someone in mind, you can speak to the priest or pastor at your wedding location, the justice of the peace, or look for other secular officiants who provide this valuable service.

5. You Need a Car Service

It’s traditional to hire a chauffeur driver to take you to and from your wedding ceremony. Think about the best type of transportation to fulfill your needs. If you are planning an intimate wedding that is small, you may only want a luxury sedan. if you are bringing your party or family members along for the ride, look at your choices in limousines.

6. Order Your Cake

Do your homework about bakeries in your area. If you don’t have a business that meets your expectations, hunt for people who focus on specialty cakes. Plan on meeting in person to taste samples. Look at photo albums or galleries before you choose the cake that is meant for you. Consider having a small cake that is meant to be a decoration you will take home with you. A larger cake can be set aside for your gifts. Cupcakes add a nice touch when you want to give your guests something to grab and go.

7. Enlist the Aid of a Skilled Photographer

If you are like most people at a wedding, the day is going to go by in a blur. You will be overwhelmed by the experience, the people, and the fact that you and your significant other have become one. Choose a photographer who will capture the moment, giving you memories to last a lifetime. You’ll want a video along with your photos. Request digital access to everything so you can take more pictures, personalized gifts, and copies of your video.

Your wedding checklist will be extensive. Start early with creating a comprehensive list. Involve your partner, good friends, and families in the process to reduce your stress. Give yourself plenty of time. Remember to breathe and enjoy the ride.