5 Ways to Entertain Guests at Your Wedding Ceremony

When you’re planning a wedding, the reception is as much for your guests as it is for yourself. You’ll want to arrange an event that’s entertaining for everyone to ensure the celebration will be remembered fondly for years to come. While this may seem like an overwhelming responsibility, you can have fun creating an adventurous night for all of your attendees.

  1. Let Your Guests Know What to Expect

Many couples have started to follow the trend of launching a wedding blog or web page. This provides the opportunity to help you share important information with your guests. You can use your site to confirm the number of attendees with a simple guestbook.

Additionally, you can use royalty-free saxophone music during dinner and many other genres of free music to give your guests a feel for the reception’s dance repertoire. The information on your web page will help guests prepare for dancing and other activities at the event. This may be especially helpful if certain activities will require a change of clothes.

  1. Hire Professional Entertainers

While dancing is a traditional form of entertainment at most weddings, it may not be something that will keep your guests entertained throughout the entire evening. To add some variety to the night, consider hiring local entertainers for the event. This might include circus entertainers, such as clowns and magicians, or you might want to hire a live band or a Scottish dance instructor to lead a traditional Celtic dance.

Some other unusual forms of live entertainment include fire eaters and contortionists. If you expect a large number of children at your wedding, consider adding live entertainment that will appeal to them, such as bringing in a small petting zoo. There’s a broad range of entertainers to choose from in any community, and hiring performers can help you create a unique experience for all of your guests. In choosing a performer, be sure to ask if they have performed at weddings since experience in this type of setting can be crucial.

  1. Create a Casino

You can also set up a small gaming area for the gamblers on your guest list. Adding a few blackjack and poker tables can add a thrill to your reception for those who do like to bet on the cards. It might also be worthwhile to see about renting a few slot machines. Contact local casinos to see if they offer this type of catering service. Many casinos do offer this type of service because it provides an additional source of revenue for their brick-and-mortar casinos. In addition to the typical payouts, you can also offer prizes to guests who score the highest, such as a free day at a spa or tickets to an upcoming sporting event.

  1. Don’t Forget the Kids

You can also make your wedding more kid-friendly by adding a few activities just for the children and teens. This might include bringing in a water slide or bouncy house. Some couples set up their own mini-golf course for children and adults. Other ideas for a more child-centric wedding reception include face painting, coloring contests, and other popular children’s games. You can end the evening with a display of fireworks that will thrill guests of all ages.

  1. Play Games With Your Guests

You can also create a more interactive experience by using wedding table games to help your guests become more familiar with one another. Bringing two families together can be a challenge, but wedding table games can help break the ice. Pass out cards with questions for everyone at each table to answer. These can be questions like “What is a nickname you have for the groom?” or “Share a funny story about the bride”. Each person at the table should be given the opportunity to share a story to help all of your guests feel more involved in the event.

The questions can be as vague or specific as you like, but they should all be crafted to encourage your guests to participate and enjoy a good laugh.

Don’t forget to leave some time for general socializing. While providing a broad range of activities will ensure everyone enjoys themselves, the wedding reception is also an opportunity for your guests to connect. Adding a brief rest period between activities can provide those much-needed moments for socializing and relaxation for you and your guests.

Photo by Dimitri Kuliuk from Pexels