How Wedding Dresses Are Changing

Ask any bride-to-be about saying “yes” to the dress, and it’s really a huge deal. The beauty of the wedding dress is in its many gorgeous options for that eventful walk down the aisle whether it’s in a tiny chapel or in the middle of a desert. As a modern bride searches for her perfect dress, she will find that this iconic garment has been significantly changing over the last few decades. Wedding dresses are offering exciting new looks that reflect each bride’s individual personality.

50s Ball Gown History

You can go back to any decade and observe the bridal dress style that was major during that time. For instance, the ball gown design was everything; just look at the late wedding photos of Jacqueline Kennedy with John F. Kennedy in 1953.

The ball gown style with its voluminous skirt was all the rage with dainty, feminine details. However, the late Mrs. Kennedy reportedly told friends that the wedding dress wasn’t her cup of tea and was made like a lampshade.

80s Strapless Wedding Styles

Thirty years later, and women planning to say “I do” were off on another popular trend, that of the strapless design. Brides were taking off the sleeves and going for the bare arm effect with a tease of the shoulders.

If it wasn’t the strapless fashion look for weddings, then, it was a slim-fitting silhouette with puffy sleeves, especially by the late 1980s, according to bridal fashion experts.

The Kate Middleton Sleeve Trend

It would be a miss not to mention the inspiration women received after watching Kate Middleton marrying the UK’s Prince William in 2011. She wore a stunning Victorian kind of wedding gown with long, lace sleeves created by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

Even her train was nothing short of spectacular at a length of nine feet, and many can recall Kate’s sister Pippa holding up the lovely long train as the bride moved about.

Women all over the world are obsessed with the Duchess’s sense of fashion, and her bridal gown style has become a classic favorite for many contemporary brides today. It’s old-fashioned and sophisticated but also works in the modern world.

These days, long sleeves, short sleeves, and blouson-type sleeves remain popular for nuptials.

Wedding Dresses Now Personal Choice

In 2021, the wedding dress has evolved to the ultimate in individual taste. You will see a large variety of options in fabric, design style, sensuality, and more.

For instance, bridal stylists have been noticing the sexiness brought to wedding gowns, and some brides are choosing see-through fabrics along with netting. Women are proud of the female figure and are desiring dresses that expose their entire back or others that show peek-a-boo skin around the midriff.

Some brides are choosing wedding gowns that reflect their personalities. In other words, there are no hard rules, and tradition goes out the window depending on your personal style.

Wearing a beautiful infinity dress is a fine example of today’s contemporary bride and how she sees her wedding day as a fashionable event.

This dress style has revolutionized the bridal industry because you’re buying a single dress that can be turned into several different styles, and you can change it up during your wedding, reception, honeymoon, etc.

It’s all about pure elegance, sustainability, and creating romantic fashion on your wedding day.

Brides Just Want To Look Pretty

The global pandemic shifted many brides’ perceptions about their wedding day. Bridal runway shows were kept at a minimum during the COVID peak, so a lot of brides choose individualism over the latest styles of the moment, and the trend continues.

Recently, jumpsuit separates, suits and mini dresses have all taken that famous walk down the aisle, and brides are looking for a wedding ensemble with versatility that can work during any season, venue, etc.

Most of all, every bride wants to look pretty on her big day in an effortless, simple, timeless way.

Change happens in every corner of the fashion world, and the wedding dress is an iconic garment for every decade. Brides have the power to choose a unique dress that helps define who they are, and that’s a beautiful thing.