How to Rent a Photo Booth for a Wedding

If you plan to have a wedding, you need to consider many parts of it such as getting a cake, inviting people and having a photo booth. Planning for a photo booth may involve some issues, but you can simplify your wedding by renting one. If you want to know how you can rent a photo booth for your wedding, you should go through these six tips.

Contact People

You should start by contacting people who can give you access to photo booths. For example, you may have a business nearby that can offer photo booths and set them up for you. These photo booths should have nice designs, fit the theme of your wedding and go in an isolated area of the wedding to prevent people from appearing in the background.

Make sure to go through the options online, contact businesses you know, and do your best to find someone who can offer a photo booth. After all, if you can’t find someone in the area, you won’t be able to rent a photo booth for your upcoming wedding.

Photo Booth Types

You can look into the different photo booth types available as you prepare for your wedding. For example, some people will get standard photo booths with a cloth or arch behind them. That way, they can use the cloth to block the view behind it while also using the arch to make it look more beautiful and stand out.

You can look into a 360 photo booth for sale and use that if you want to. These photo booths will close guests off from everyone else at the wedding, so no one will get in the way during their photos. This works great since it can help them minimize interruptions.

Determine the Rental Hours

You also need to spend some time ensuring you get the photo booth during the right hours. Since you plan to rent the photo booth, the owner needs to know how long you plan to use it. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting the photo boot for too short of a time or overpaying for the photo booth by purchasing too many hours.

Make sure you know the exact number of hours you plan to use the photo booth, so you can rent it for enough time. On top of that, you should rent the photo booth a bit before the wedding starts, so you can set it up beforehand.

Get a Quote

Once you figure out which photo booth you want to rent and where to rent it from, you can get a quote on it. As the link explains, you can find out the price for each hour, delivery fees, props, and other points. This makes it easier for you to plan out your photo booth fund, so you can see how much you’ll need to pay.

As you work around the quote and figure out how long you want the photo booth, you can plan to use it during your wedding. Make sure you review the costs for each part of it to see how long you can keep the booth.

Establish a Location

After you figure out these details, you should decide where you plan to hold the wedding, so you can get the photo booth there. Some businesses will offer transportation for the photo booth, though this could cost money depending on how the company decides to handle photo booth transportation.

If you know where you plan to hold the wedding, you can let the company know and plan around it. After all, they need to know where you plan to hold the wedding if you want them to get the photo booth there at the right time. That way, you can save them from trouble while properly planning your wedding.


Planning for a photo booth may pose some challenges, but you can make it better if you decide to rent one. Make sure you go through the steps above, so you can prepare for the wedding, get a photo booth and make the event memorable. As you do this, you can find a great place for you and others to take pictures together.

Contributed by Elizabeth Howard