How Much You Can Save As a Minimalist

Minimalism is more than a design trend. As a lifestyle, minimalism is really about living your priorities. Once your priorities are your focus, the items that you choose to buy and keep will truly serve your needs; everything else will be superfluous.

How Minimalism Saves You Money

Whether you are downsizing or just starting out, your housing and storage needs will cost you by the square foot. Having less stuff means you can live in a smaller space. As of 2018, an apartment in Arizona would be expected to cost around $1.00 per square foot per month. California would be twice that amount, and rents have not gone down since that time.

Smaller spaces also cost less to heat and cool. Additionally, a smaller home or apartment is cheaper to fill. Simple furnishings that suit your work and leisure requirements will cost less in a studio than in a two-bedroom.

How Minimalism Saves You Time

The square footage of your home can have a big impact on the number of hours you need to work. If you are headed to college and looking for apartments in Carrollton, GA, living in a smaller space or with a roommate may mean that you will have more time for study and making social connections.

Additionally, smaller spaces are easier to clean. If you have a shared kitchen and living area, you and your roommate can trade-off or create a chore chart to make sure your space meets the cleanliness standards of you both. In your bedroom, having fewer possessions, books and electronics will make it much easier to keep things organized and tidy.

How Minimalism Reduces Stress

Because the first step to paring down your possessions is getting rid of those items that no longer serve you. Old hobbies that were gear or supply intensive may no longer hold your interest. It is entirely acceptable to sell or donate these items to someone who will use them. Once these things are gone, you will be relieved of the guilt and stress because you know they will now come to good use.

As stated above, minimalism is about focusing on your priorities. You can start by getting rid of duplicate items in your kitchen. If you spend time rummaging in a drawer for your favorite stirring spoon, grab a box and load it with the utensils that get between you and your favorite tools. Donate the box to a family shelter and make life easier for two households.

How Minimalism Can Save You Guilt

The thought process of minimalism doesn’t include shopping as entertainment. While it is true that browsing or window-shopping can offer a creative boost, real entertainment comes when you make the purchase. Shopping is very different from buying and the two actions impact the brain in different ways.

Because your mindset as a minimalist is to procure exactly what you need and nothing in excess, your shopping experience won’t feel like you’re just wandering around the store. You have a specific need and your purchase will fulfill the need. It will take time to study all the features of the item you intend to buy so you can be sure that it will suit your budget, needs, and lifestyle. When a minimalist makes a fully thought-out purchase, there is little risk of buyer’s remorse.

How Minimalism Can Fight Inertia

The more stuff you have in your house, the less likely you are to move. If you determine that you must move, the packing and relocating process will be much harder and more labor-intensive.

The home of a minimalist will still take work to move, but you will not be digging through bins and closets wondering why you bought all this stuff. Making carefully studied purchases when you need something lessens the likelihood that you will look at what you own and regret not having the cash.

Embracing minimalism as a lifestyle early on is an excellent choice. If you are moving into your first apartment and know that you need a bed and a chest of drawers, a minimalist may choose to get a captain’s bed, which will fulfill both requirements in one smaller unit. Getting exactly what you want when you need it makes each purchase an investment.

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