5 Tips for Planning a Super Fun Wedding Reception

If you’re getting married soon, you likely want to make sure your reception is just as memorable and your wedding ceremony. It’s important to include elements that are important to you and your spouse and tell the story of the love you two share, as well as colors and decor that will make your celebration complete. You’ll also want to make sure your friends and family have a great time at the reception, which is why it’s important to plan activities that your loved ones will enjoy. Here are five tips for planning a wedding reception that is fun and memorable.

1. Turn Your Reception Into a Karaoke Party

Setting up a karaoke stage at your reception site can encourage your reception guests to sing their favorite love songs as a tribute to you and your spouse. Your siblings or best friends can choose songs that you enjoyed as children or songs that represent the milestones in your relationship. You and your spouse can even get in on the fun by dedicating a song to each other or singing a few duets. If you live in the New York area, take advantage of NYC party rentals to get all the equipment you need to make your karaoke reception complete.

2. Add a Photo Booth

Weddings and receptions are important events, which means you’ll likely want to take as many pictures as you can. Even if you have a professional photographer for your special day, you can still set up a photo booth at your reception for you and your guests to take candid photos. You can also add props to the photo booth like oversized veils and wedding rings for you and your loved ones to use as props for the photos. This is a fun and memorable way to capture the laughter and joy you experienced on your special day.

3. Set Up a Candy or Dessert Bar

Whether you have a traditional wedding cake or not, you can set up a bar filled with candy and mini desserts for your guests to enjoy. Work with a bakery to offer cookies or cupcakes iced in your wedding colors to coordinate with the reception decor, or order candies that coordinate with the colors you’ve chosen. Include small, decorative boxes at your dessert bar personalized with you and your spouse’s name and wedding date so your loved ones can take home the sweet treats as favors.

4. Make Mingling Fun

Even though everyone at your reception is likely someone who means a lot to you or your spouse, all of your guests may not know one another. Reduce some of the social anxiety your guests may be feeling by adding place cards to every table along with written game instructions for each table. For instance, you can ask your parents and in-laws to share their funniest childhood memories of you and your spouse. Ask your friends to share how long they’ve known you and where you met. This makes it easier for your reception guests to make conversation, and they may start to form friendships themselves.

5. Hold a Reception Raffle

Give your guests a chance to win prizes by holding a raffle. Ask your guests trivia questions about you and your spouse and give a prize to the individual or table who gets the most correct answers. You can offer your guests a gift basket, tickets to a local concert, or even a cash prize to the winners to make the reception more entertaining.

Adding these fun elements to your wedding reception will truly make your special day one to remember. Customizing your reception can also make the event more exciting for you and your spouse and make you look forward to your new life together with even more anticipation.