6 Last-Minute Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Planning a bridal shower can be both expensive and stressful, but it allows you to get a bit creative and crafty. It is not at all difficult to have an elegant, affordable, and personalised shower. Below are six bridal shower decoration ideas that are simple and classy, and that can be completed at the last minute. There are ideas for decorations, table accents, and party favours all with a heart to have fun while being original and completely open to personalisation to the bride and her style.

Champagne Tower

A Champagne Tower is an elegant display that can bring joy to any party. Simply arrange plastic champagne glasses in a pyramid shape. Pour the champagne into the top glass to overflow and create a bubbly waterfall down to the other glasses. It is a simple way to spice up the supplies you probably already have on hand. Make sure you have napkins on hand too!

Tulle Balloons

Tulle covered balloons are cheap bridal shower decorations that add that little extra to the decor. Simply blow up helium balloons, cut a large piece of tulle to cover the entire balloon and secure with an elastic band at the base. Add some ribbon and you have elegantly personalised balloons for the low cost. To speed up the process, prepare a small helium tank beforehand. Another idea would be to tie pictures of the happy couple to the balloons and allow them to float to the ceiling. Using the brides wedding colours for the balloons can add that extra touch as well.

Rustic Tables

Stacking old boxes and crates to create rustic tables is another idea for simple bridal shower decorations. A mason jar filled with flowers makes a beautiful accent for the tables and helps complete the look of rustic elegance. For an extra touch, add some ribbon to the jars.

Succulent Plants

Party favours for the guests do not have to break the bank either. Using vintage tea cups as planters for succulent plants, allow the guests to take home a memento that will last. A trip to a local charity shop is sure to provide mismatched cups for cheap. They would be a great accent for a tea party themed shower, and with guests taking them as souvenirs cleaning up after the party is much easier.

Go Vintage with Kombi Car

The kombi car is more than just a car suitable for the pre-wedding photoshoot, its vintage vibe and cute exterior make it one of the most suitable props and backdrop for a bridal shower photoshoot. It can go well with a party in the garden or rustic theme party. If you’re looking for a beautiful Kombi to compliment your bridal shower photos, book a Kombi car in advance and think about how you’ll decorate the car beforehand.

Repurpose Glass Bottles

There are many ideas for bridal shower table decorations, but a cheap and simple idea is to repurpose glass bottles. Any bottle can be used, just paint the outside with as much or as little detail as you wish, add a single flower and group them in the centre of the table. Using assorted sizes and shapes of bottles adds interesting detail to the centrepieces. You could also use the vases as party favours for the guests to take home, and again save on clean up!

Flower Chandeliers

Flower chandeliers are elegant bridal party decorations that are easy to create, as well as being budget friendly. Simply cover an embroidery hoop with elegant lace. Tie ribbons to the base of three dozen flowers, and then tie them to the hoop. Secure it to the ceiling and enjoy the whimsical feel it can add to your shower.

Do not be afraid to be creative. Look around and discover what you can repurpose to create a unique shower without spending a fortune. Adding the brides wedding colours and photos of the couple are effortless ways to personalise the shower, and the bride is sure to feel special at her party.