5 Unique and Budget-Friendly Wedding Décor Ideas

Weddings are the most memorable and joyous moments in life. But if you’re planning one, you may also have to deal with the realities of a limited budget. When you dive into the experience of planning a wedding, even the most informed bride and groom can get tripped up or surprised by some of the expenses that come up. One area where you can save money on your wedding without compromising the experience is with your décor. Here are 5 unique and budget-friendly wedding décor ideas to help you create a memorable event.

Signage that embraces your theme

Signs are small details in a wedding. Sometimes people need to know where to go, or they need to see what food is being served or require some other form of guidance. Signs point the way. But don’t be afraid to jazz them up with language, calligraphy or another aesthetic. Use your wedding logo or phrasings that fit with your wedding mood or theme.

Signage only requires a simple frame and some creativity with what goes inside it. At the bar, have a small sign that suggests the bride and groom’s favorite drinks. Better yet, give the bar a unique name. Use frames to house memorable photos or phrases from the wedding party. You can display them on tables, stands and in other places. You can also place a sign at the guest sign-in to ask people to share their wishes and leave them in a box. When you look at your entire space, you might be surprised at how many small and large signs you use. Let these little details become a simple, inexpensive way to add creative touches.

Use ribbons for splashes of color

Ribbon spools are inexpensive and can be a great way to highlight your wedding theme and color palette. If you don’t have the budget for a lot of customized touches, find ribbon in the color that matches your logo, bridesmaid dresses or other dominant colors in your wedding. Use it in places throughout your wedding and reception.

You can tie small pieces onto chairs, lanterns, chandeliers, add strips into centerpiece displays, the bride’s bouquet and the ring-bearer’s pillow, and a host of other places. Walk through your reception space to see where these subtle accents have a place. You might be surprised at how many simple ways you can add them into your décor.

Embrace the rustic

Some weddings are simply more casual affairs. If yours is that, and even embraces a rustic or farmhouse theme, you can save a lot with décor. Barrels, wood crates, older items and fabrics you may have had in storage or around the house can be perfect set pieces that add charm.

A rustic theme allows you to ditch the old plastic fold up tables and chairs for picnic benches instead. Bind tree branches with ribbon and use them throughout the scene, use natural pine cones and evergreen (if available in your area) for center pieces and string lights are always a great informal lighting touch at outdoor weddings.

Mirrors under centerpieces

This trick probably falls a little more into the wedding hack category, but a simple circular mirror underneath your centerpieces can add dimension and style to your table. Many can be found in discount or second-hand stores. They can add that extra designer touch, particularly if the table is larger and you need to fill space.

Unconventional approaches with greenery, fruit

You’ll find greenery in just about every wedding, but sometimes it can take up too much space on a table. So, look for areas in your reception space where you can hang it. It forces people to look around the room, too, and they’re more likely to strike up conversations with others.

Another interesting trick is to use fruit bowls for a splash of unique color. You can use real or fake fruit. Add them in areas like the guest registry, spaces where people convene, and even as center-pieces to visually break up spaces with something different and inexpensive.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to planning your wedding, you don’t have to blow the budget on décor. Once you choose your colors or a theme, you can start to get creative with how to express yourself without breaking the budget. And don’t be afraid to use your friends and family to help you set up your wedding space. They may have free materials and décor pieces to add to the space that will only make the experience better.

Contributed by Ray Ko who has been creating effective visual merchandising and interior design strategies for retailers for more than 20 years. Today, he is the senior ecommerce manager for shopPOPdisplays, a leading designer and manufacturer of stock and custom retail displays that helps brick-and-mortar and ecommerce stores of all sizes, across all industries, showcase their products to drive sales.