What Will My Wedding Look Like This Summer?

What will my wedding look like this summer? That is the most popular question on wedding forums as couples try to plan for their big event. By looking at the various color zones for Ontario, you can make some fairly good deductions as what will be and what could be.

The vaccination rate for COVID-19 in Canada current is at 10%. To achieve “herd” immunity it has been stated that we need to hit between 50-80% vaccination rate. Indeed if you look at countries with those levels of vaccination, they are not experiencing the current wave of infections. Although the availability of vaccines in Canada is increasing, to what percentage level of vaccination we will reach for this summer is uncertain. It is safe to say we may just be reaching “herd” immunity levels by end of the summer.

This means we will still be in zone restrictions for some time to come. If you are in a Grey zone, you are shut down and cannot have a wedding. Red zones are restrictive. However, couples can plan their weddings if they feel that their wedding may be in the green, yellow, or orange zones for their day.

The OGWIA published a post with a great table that shows what each COVID restriction color zone means for Ontario as of March 20, 2021. From this chart, you can look across it and see what is common across the zones and what changes. With that information you can plan accordingly.

What is common between green, yellow, and orange zones.

  1. Wedding ceremony space can be used at 30% capacity or 100 people outdoors
  2. Private receptions, ie in a backyard, are limited to 10 people indoors or 25 people outdoors
  3. Commercial venues (not restaurants) are limited to 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors
  4. No singing or dancing is allowed

What will vary from color to color?

  1. Number of guests per table
  2. Time when liquor sales end
  3. Closing time

Please note:

  1. That when number of people are stated that includes the officiant, photo/video-graphers, caterers and other hired staff.
  2. Physical distancing and PPE use are still required no matter what zone you are in.

What decisions must couples make?

  1. where do you believe your area will be in the color zone chart for your date
  2. plan for the common items
  3. develop scenarios for the variable items

Some trendy ideas that couples are exploring:

  1. A long leisurely dinner with intimate family and friends instead of a rush to get to the party
  2. Hiring a live small band such as a jazz trio or singer/pianist
  3. Hiring a DJ that can lead interactive games
  4. Plan an early closure to the event like 10pm
  5. Have a wedding ceremony at 11am with a lunch reception