Tips for Finding the Perfect Men’s Suit for Your Wedding

The image source is Envato.

Your wedding venue is ready, everyone is excited, and your bride has picked an amazing wedding dress. It’s now your turn to surprise her and everyone else with the perfect suit.

What do you do? Where do you start? Unfortunately, with so many options on the menu, choosing the right suit for your wedding can be difficult. Yet, having the right suit can be the difference between a nice wedding and a magical one. Here’s what you need to do to find the perfect suit for your wedding:

Consider the type of wedding

Is your wedding formal or semi-formal? Is it traditional or modern? Depending on your answer, you’ll have to choose one of these four classic options: tailcoat, morning dress, three-piece suit or a tuxedo. If you’re planning a formal, daytime wedding, a morning dress would work. This type of suit is made up of a full or half morning coat, trousers and a waistcoat. The tailcoat always separates the groom from his groomsmen while epitomizing the traditional wedding wear. However, if you prefer to go with something less traditional, or the style of your wedding is generally modern and slightly casual, then a three-piece suit would be perfect. Comprising a vest, jacket and trousers, a three-piece suit is more versatile than a tuxedo and tailcoat. It’s also a safe option because it merges tradition and modernity. If you are planning a formal, evening wedding, then a tuxedo would be a great choice. Typically, such a suit contains a waistband and peaked lapels along with a silk bow tie. It is generally less formal than the tailcoat, but a lot more elegant than a standard suit. If your wedding is very formal, then you should consider the tailcoat, one of the most formal wedding outfits we have today. It comprises a jacket with a long pitch and parallel buttons.

Consider the venue

Your suit should always correspond to the location. That includes the ambience, weather and geography. If the wedding is going to be held in an exotic place, then your suit should have a lightweight, breathable fabric. That means, for instance, that a wool suit or a tuxedo shouldn’t feature on your list. If your wedding will be held in the city, being smart and traditional would be great, as you’d likely be in a church and have a formal ceremony. A dress suit would work perfectly no matter the time of day. What if your wedding is country-themed? Such a wedding demands a little color flexibility. Moreover, the time of day and climate also plays a role. If the venue is cold, and the wedding will be held in the evening, then a dark-colored wool and silk suit would be ideal. Which leads me to the question:

How do you choose the colors?

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, men see less color shades than women. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot surprise your bride with an amazing color choice. As we’ve seen above, the venue can play a great role in the color you select for your suit. Regardless of whether you prefer American, British or Italian suits, you’ll find blacks, navys and greys going well with indoor weddings. In such a situation, you can select a warm and darker hued tie and accessories. If your wedding is going to be held outdoors, particularly in a warm climate, you should select a bright color like white and light beige. Your tie and accessories should also be bright. Similarly, seasons do determine the color of a wedding suit. Winter colors are often dark and warm. That means that you can select a gray, black or dark navy suit during the cold season. During autumn, you can consider rustic colors like orange, leafy green, deep red and brown. As spring is very joyous, bright colors like pink, bright orange and yellow would work perfectly. As you can already imagine, summer colors are bright and light. You can wear a light beige suit, a bright blue suit or even a green suit.


Picking out the right suit is a major part of designing your memorable wedding. The right suit will give you the right amount of confidence and glamor that you need on the most important day of your life. With these tips, you would never go wrong.

Contributed by Rayanne Morriss