How to Seal Your Wedding Memories Forever

Getting ready for your wedding will require you to do a lot of planning. You’ve got to worry about colors, flowers, location, guests, and your officiant, just for starters. Your memories of the actual day may be rather fragmented, so make sure that your friends, family, and your photographer take a multitude of pictures so you have plenty of images to review.

Create a Collection Site

Set up an email address online where your friends can share their photos of your wedding. You’ll get loads of camera photos and you can turn these into a collage on your Facebook page, link them to a social media event, or create a streaming movie with your favorite images.

Another option is to hand out disposable cameras to your wedding guests. Focus on your young guests; young children are disarming and fun. Your guests may intend to be all dressed up and formal, but when a child points a camera at them, they will loosen up and have some fun. These memories will serve your whole family for years to come.

Set Up a Photo Booth

Create a photo booth for your friends and family to take candid shots on your wedding day. Make sure that the space is curtained in the colors of your choice and add a banner at the back that features your names and the date; after all, you want these photos to be fully themed for your day.

Invite a gregarious friend or family member to get your more reticent family members in there! Focus especially on your older guests. This is your time to get some fun photos of your grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Bring in props, including masks, bow tie toys, and party hats.

As our relative’s age, we can fall into sad family reunions that only happen at funerals. Instead, make sure to get plenty of photos with all of your family members, especially those that are advancing in years, so you can celebrate their memories each time you review your wedding photos.

Turn Your Favorite Photo Into Art

You’ll have a million pictures to choose from, so look for the one that captures how you feel in the presence of your spouse. Once you’ve located that image, consider using it to create canvas prints. You can search for places that provide these services in your area. For instance, if you live in Canada, you can search for big canvas prints in Canada. You can size it to suit nearly any wall in your home and build the decor in the space around your chosen colors.

If your favorite photo was taken outside, you have even more options. A beautiful green location, or a gorgeous autumn setting, will make it easy to turn a beautiful photo into a piece of art that you can decorate your entire house around.

Create a Collection

Turn several of the features of your day into a collage of memories. Put your invitation into a pretty frame and mat the invite in the colors used in your wedding. Carefully dry one perfect bloom from your bouquet and add it to a shadow box. Include some of the party favors or your cake topper in the shadow box as well.

Collections can also work electronically. Scroll through all of the electronic images that your friends and family have shared with you. Create a timeline of the day from make-up to bow-tie adjustments, through the service and your walk out of the facility as a married couple.

Next, add lots of photos of your guests from your reception. Be sure to intersperse fun candid images and goofy shots from your photo booth! If you have any short videos of dances, hugs from your grandparents, or anything else that touches your heart, highlight them.

At the end of your wedding day video, be willing to get a little silly. Show the shots of the bridesmaids kicking off their shoes. Share the images of groomsmen decorating your car. If you can find an image of the flower girl nodding off at the end of the night or dancing with joy, include it!

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that little is promised. When we can safely get together, we must share all of the joy we can generate. Posed photographic memories of your day will provide you with amazing art to enjoy for years to come, and those fun candid shots will give you a smile every time you review them.