Honeymoon Planning Tips for a Perfect Vacation

Did you just get engaged? Wow, congratulations on this big step! While the wedding planning might be at the top of your marriage preparation list, you shouldn’t forget to plan your honeymoon. After all, expect to be super tired after the ceremony and the wedding party, so a nice vacation will be just what you need. If this is your first time planning such a trip for two, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind that will ensure your vacation stays memorable and special.

Start early

Honestly, it’s never too early to start thinking about your honeymoon, but the ideal time to start serious planning is six to eight months before your travel date. This is especially important if your honeymoon coincides with the summer travel season, so you don’t have to fight for your spot with thousands of other travelers. Three months before your trip, obtain your visas and renew your passports, and consider travel insurance packages with good coverage.

Make requests at your accommodation

While booking your accommodation, consider your wants and needs. Make sure to mention that you’re on your honeymoon and that you want a private room with a nice view so you can enjoy the sunsets. Check if they offer private dinners on the beach so you can book these in advance. If there are some special activities you want to try at the resort (scuba diving, couple’s massages, sightseeing excursions) book these in advance.

Pack light but smart

You want your honeymoon to be relaxing and hassle-free, but you also want to enjoy all the commodities you can imagine, so pack light yet smart. Definitely stock up on sunscreen so you don’t look like a boiled lobster on all your photos. Chargers are also a must, so your camera is always ready to capture all your most magical moments together. Additionally, make sure to pack some fun sex toys that will make your first few days of your marriage extra spicy and hot. Your accommodation will provide you with maximum privacy so you can really go crazy and experiment. Finally, don’t forget to stay safe and bring plenty of face coverings and hand sanitizer if the pandemic doesn’t die down until your trip.

Plan for some surprises

It’s smart to have a good plan for your honeymoon that you worked on together, however, be free to sneak in a few surprises as well. Some full-day activities should be planned in advanced and discussed before your trip, but you can always book a surprise massage or throw in a special dinner event for the two of you to add a bit of excitement and romance into your vacation. Your significant other will surely enjoy the surprise and enjoy a fun evening they didn’t expect.

Make it unique

You might have seen a few perfect honeymoon experiences on Instagram or you might just be so tired from the wedding planning so you decide to copy another couple’s honeymoon. This will make your vacation planning very easy, but it will definitely not make it special. While some people love a no-stress vacation at an isolated resort, it might be a bit too boring for your adventurous spirits. Or you might hear your friends talk on and on about their Machu Picchu honeymoon that involves a lot of hiking and zip lining…however, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you. This is your honeymoon and you should do your best to cater it to your interests and needs.

You deserve to have a gorgeous honeymoon that allows you to relax, enjoy your spouse’s company and just have fun. So, make sure to plan well, choose the right destination and accommodation and you’ll surely organize something magical and unforgettable.