Perfect Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

The first year of marriage is usually though to be the period of adjustments, filled with ups and downs, and a number of changes that finally allowed you to create a great life together. However, this honeymoon phase is also filled with strong, loving emotions, which is why your first anniversary undoubtedly deserves to be celebrated in the best way possible. To that end, here are some incredible anniversary ideas that will allow you perfectly mark this special occasion:

Relive the wedding memories

One of the best things you can do on your first anniversary is to relive your wedding day by watching the video of your ceremony or flipping through the photo album filled with wedding memories. If you’re lucky, your photographer might have saved some bloopers or “imperfect” shots that will allow you to see your big day from a different perspective to that ideally curated set of portraits. When looking back on those fond moments, you’re bound to recall some wonderful forgotten memories.

Recreate your first dance

While reliving wedding memories through photos and videos, why not recreate your first dance as well? Play your song and waltz across your living room, or even see if you and your partner remember that quirky choreographed dance you decided to do on your big day. You can even go one step further and put on your wedding playlist as you celebrate your anniversary, or even make a new list of songs that have defined your relationship from the beginning until now. Both music and dance are incredibly powerful tools that can bring back a heap of beautiful emotions in an instant.

Take a bite of your wedding cake

If you’re one of those couples that decided to freeze the top tier of their wedding cake, now’s the perfect time to defrost it, and share a delicious bite with your significant other. If you haven’t done this after your big day, however, you can always contact a bakery and ask them to make a small cake or even cupcakes with the same flavors and decorations as your wedding cake. Either way, tasting that sweet, lovely dessert is bound to bring back the warm and happy emotions you felt on your wedding day.

Get active between the sheets

While having sex on your anniversary is both expected and encouraged, that doesn’t mean that the action between the sheets can’t come with a couple of new surprises. For instance, you can put on a new sexy lingerie set, decide on a racy costume, or even initiate the intimate act in an entirely new and completely unexpected location. Even better, you can find some great sex toys online that are bound to turn your anniversary bedroom fun into a night filled with unparalleled pleasure and excitement.

Go on a second honeymoon

Another great way to celebrate this special occasion would be to go on another vacation as a couple. If possible, you can go back to your original honeymoon spot for some quality alone time with your partner. Or, you can go for something completely opposite, and book an entirely new vacation in a different destination that will allow you to make some new memories together. If a romantic getaway isn’t possible at the moment, you can always book a weekend at a local five-star hotel, and celebrate your wedding anniversary with room service, great champagne, luxurious massages at the spa, and overall indulgence.

Try something new together

Instead of recreating old memories, you can also try something new with your partner on your anniversary. This could be anything from visiting a local winery to traveling to an exotic country, or even doing something fun and adventurous together, such as paragliding or skydiving. No matter what you opt for, doing something new with your significant other is bound to bring some novelty and excitement into your relationship, and it might even allow you to create an anniversary tradition you can repeat every year.

From more traditional to a few out-of-the-box ideas, all of these incredible first anniversary suggestions will allow you to celebrate this special occasion in the most loving and romantic way; all you have to is choose the ones that suit you the most.