5 Ideas for Creating an Elegant Outdoor Wedding

With the COVID-19 crisis moving many events outdoors, many couples are choosing to hold their weddings outdoors. With the right planning and execution, you can pull off a beautiful event that takes advantage of the natural setting to create a romantic mood. Here are five ways that you can create an elegant outdoor wedding.

Settle on a Theme

In order to create an elegant affair, you are going to need to settle on a well-executed theme. Throwing a bunch of ideas together will only serve to deliver a mishmash of decor that does not flow together well. Choosing a cohesive theme will serve as a guide for your planning while also offering elegance to the outdoor event.

Good themes to consider for a fancy outdoor wedding include rustic farmhouse, vintage, and whimsical. Once the theme is set, you can begin filling in the details of the decorations, the food and drink, the flowers, and all of the other little details that will bring the whole event together.

Create Spaces Specifically Designed for Photos

This is going to be one of the most important days of your life, meaning that you will want the pictures to remember all of the details forever. Creating special spaces in your outdoor area to take pictures will ensure that you get all of the shots that you want.

Your wedding photographer will be able to help you with your questions about proper lighting and how to design backdrops that will show up well in pictures. In addition to designing a backdrop for the vow ceremony that will photograph well, you may also consider setting up an area for casual snapshots. Look for a wedding photographer in your area that knows good locations and the best time for lighting. For example, if you live in Dallas, look for a Dallas wedding photographer that can help you find the perfect way to set up shots for your wedding day.

Prepare for the Elements

The biggest risk of hosting an outdoor wedding is not knowing how the weather will cooperate. Even if you choose a location and time of the year that typically yields amazing weather, you can never fully count on Mother Nature to be agreeable.

For this reason, you need to fully prepare for the elements. Having a tent ready to go will give you peace of mind if the weather turns bad on the big day. A tent is also a good idea if you anticipate hot and sunny conditions because of the shade that it provides.

Incorporate the Great Outdoors Into Your Decor

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an outdoor wedding is that you can lean on the natural beauty of the event space as a backdrop for all of your decorations. Strategically placing the altar in front of lush greenery or a floral background will give you a great start in creating a stunning backdrop for your vows.

You can also use the elements of your outdoor area to bring cohesiveness to the overall vibe of the wedding. For example, consider picking the buds from a flowering trellis to put in vases on the reception tables. Or take a sprig of greenery from the garden to adorn your cake.

Look Into Rentals

Even though you may think that you are saving money by hosting an outdoor wedding, the costs can quickly spiral out of control if you are not careful. Before you invest in permanent fixtures to pull off the day, you may want to consider looking into rentals.

Not only will this save you money, but it will also save you time in the set-up process because most companies will handle this part for you as part of the rental costs. You will also be able to pull off a more elegant affair because rental companies typically offer a wide array of offerings.

While there are many considerations to be made when deciding to hold your wedding outside, you can use this setting to your advantage to create a gorgeous event.