The Best Wedding Hairstyles for This Season

Although nearly every year has its own distinct trends, this season it seems like everything goes. From sleek buns and messy updos to free, loose curls, wedding hair is taking on many different forms this year, each beautiful and elegant in their own unique way. To help you decide on your ideal bridal hairdo, here are some of the best wedding hairstyles for this season you’re bound to love:

The timeless low chignon

The chignon still remains one of the most classic and timeless wedding hairstyles, and for a good reason. This pulled-back hairstyle is as sleek, sophisticated and elegant at it gets, and can be appropriate for anything from a casual to a black tie celebration. What’s more, it’s also the ideal option for a number of hair accessories, whether it be pearly pins, sparkly clips or even lacy fascinators. You truly can’t go wrong by choosing this gorgeous classic hairstyle.

An elegant ballerina bun

While many might think that his iconic hairstyle is only reserved for ballrooms, a classic ballerina bun is a sleek and elegant updo that can truly be appropriate for any occasion, especially a wedding. It’s one of the simplest, yet most sophisticated hairstyles that will make any bride look polished and refined. What’s more, a gorgeous ballerina bun can also be embellished with anything from tiaras and chains to flower crowns and even cultural headpieces, making it the ideal solution for a bride looking to add a bit of sparkle and shine to her wedding day hair.

Long voluminous waves

Long and thick hair curled up in soft, delicate waves is another trendy hairstyle option for this season, especially when it comes to more informal wedding celebrations. The reason for its popularity isn’t only the subtly glamorous appearance it provides, but also the fact that it presents the perfect canvas for more elaborate hair accessories, such as flower crowns and tiaras. However, not all of us were naturally blessed with full, silky hair. For that reason, many brides decide to take this hairstyle a step further by opting for beautiful Russian virgin hair extensions that give them the volume and length they need for that perfect hairdo.

A romantic messy updo

For a softer, more relaxed and feminine look, choose a slightly deconstructed, textured updo. Whether you embellish it with braids and twists or opt for a fully messy bun, such a beautiful updo always gives off an effortlessly romantic vibe that’s ideal for every type of bride. Just don’t forget to leave a couple of face-framing strands at the front, and embellish this hairstyle with dainty flowers to perfectly complement that feminine, romantic look.

A charming fishtail braid

If you don’t want to commit to an updo, but you’d still like a hairdo that will keep your strands out of the way during your celebration, then it might be a good idea to consider a beautiful braid. Fishtail braids are incredibly popular this season, especially when they’re slightly undone to give more texture and fullness to the style. Paired with a few loose strands at the front that perfectly frame the face, a fishtail braid is ideal for that effortless yet romantic bridal look. You won’t even have to worry about a bit of frizz or a few loose strands with this hairstyle, as it looks even better when it gets messy.

From elegant updos to long and loose styles, the variety of bridal hairstyles popular this season is truly incredible. All that’s left to do is take inspiration from one of these wonderful hairdos, and opt for the perfect style to complete your beautiful wedding look.