Jordan and Karine have a perfect social distancing wedding


I was finally able to perform an indoor wedding at one of my popular bookings, The Courtyard Restaurant. They worked with Jordan and Karine for their perfect social distancing wedding. And it was something to celebrate.

So far this season, I have been performing weddings in outdoor spaces. It is easier to organize social distancing when you have a large space. This was my first wedding that I conducted at a venue this year.

Karine was getting ready at the Chateau Laurier. She chose to take a horse-pulled carriage as transportation from the hotel to the venue. I was driving behind her when she was turning onto Sussex St in Ottawa. She told me that she felt like a princess marrying Jordan. So a princess needed to go from a castle to the ceremony in a carriage, of course. And it was a gloriously beautiful morning for her.

As Karine walked, from the carriage to the venue. Her mask incorporated lace from her dress so as to match. Many people stopped gleefully to take pictures of her. Now, taking pictures of a bride is quite common. But the sense I got from the happiness that people showed, was that this was another sign that maybe life might get back to “normal” despite COVID.


I was impressed with the creative spacing of the seats for the ceremony. It was all planned out who would sit together – yet respect distancing. Everyone wore masks without complaint. Jordan and Karine had masks as favours upon entry in case anyone forgot theirs.


Karine walked in with her dad, arm in arm and wearing masks. When we were all installed at the front of the room and not moving, Jordan, Karine, and I removed our masks.

I was able to complete their service, including the legal stuff, a unity candle, kiss, and breaking the glass in 20 minutes. It was the perfect amount of time.

Afterwards, as the couple left for pictures, the guests were allowed to leave the restaurant or go immediately to their assigned socially distanced tables where a server would get their drinks.


I have to admit, it was comforting to do this wedding. I love talking to the couple, their family, and my vendor friends. I’ve really missed it.