How to Find the Right Wedding Photographer

Everyone wants a perfect wedding. Unlike the cake, flowers, and music, photographs are not something we can hear, taste, smell, or see immediately on the big day. You don’t have an idea of what you are expecting until you see it. Therefore, when choosing a photographer, you need to select your photographer according to their artistic style, personal demeanor, and professional skills.


Before looking for a photographer, you first have to decide what photography style you want in your wedding. Having a clue about the technique will help you determine the right photographer for you.

First, you can invest your time on checking Instagram feeds belonging to different bloggers. Look for any imagery you like and any decor shots you want. After settling for a collection of photographs that inspire you, find out which of their aspects draws you and dissect their feature that feels more authentic to you and your partner. It may be a photo-journalistic feel, classic photography lifestyle or style, or formal-posed portraits.

If you prefer shots with contrast and sharpness, you could go for a photographer with a flair for the drama. While choosing the style, you don’t have to settle for one method as most photographers can blend documentary and portrait style of shots with a mix of white and black images. However, you should see to it that you have focused on the method that you love most.

Do Your Homework

Consider reading reviews by browsing through local listings and recent newlyweds’ photography websites. For instance, you could search for a Los Angeles wedding photographer and look at the options they offer. Review the websites and blogs of potential photographers carefully to check any photos they have a shot at previous weddings to get an idea of their style. How do they capture moments you consider essential? For example, how are the shots like when the bride walks down the aisle?

The websites might also have clues about the sensibility and personality of the photographer. If possible, check out their social media pages and look at how they respond to requests and comments, how friendly and responsive they are, and how they interact with their followers. If they win your heart, you know what to do!


Choosing your wedding photographer cannot be based on looks alone; meeting your potential photographer is also fundamental. If their fees are in your ballpark range and you like what’s in your site, call to confirm whether they are available on your wedding day. If they are available, send an email with information about the day’s vision, and something little about you and your soon-to-be spouse. You can also include some pictures they’ve taken which you like most.

If the photographer isn’t available, you could consult with them and determine whether they can recommend another photographer with the same style. Meet with around five potential photographers who will be available on your wedding date and assess them as you look at their work. Remember to tell them your expectations about your photos, your wedding style, and your venue. Finally, you can hire the best photographer out of the options.

Ask About Your Rights

Most contracts state that the photographer owns all photos taken at the wedding until you entirely make the payments. Some allow the photographer to use the pictures on their websites for promotion or even ads. Therefore, you should check your terms of the agreement to ensure that your demands are favored.

Most photographers have a policy that you can only share images with their credit on them or have watermarks. Remember to negotiate with the photographer if you want to print the photos yourself or ask for a different album from another source. If you do not consult before the wedding day, you will have to buy the rights to the images.

When choosing a photographer for your special day, you have to be keen. You will want to choose the right expert for you. Life gives you only one chance to capture your wedding day. Remember, the photos taken will be the most treasured wedding keepsake as they’ll remind you of the poignant moments. If you want to reminisce about your first dance with your better half and the vows 50 years after your wedding, choose the right photographer!