How to Decide on the Perfect Look for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding comes only once in your lifetime, so you need to look your best that day. On that day, you need to look fabulous and appear relaxed and energized to start a new chapter in your life – a married life!

You’ll share the photos and videos of this day with friends and family, so you don’t want anything that will embarrass you. With the right preparation and methods, you shouldn’t find it challenging to look marvelous.

Your Outfit

Of all the things that need serious consideration on your wedding day, your outfit should be on top of it. But how do you decide on the perfect outfit? Do some research. Look at wedding-related or bridal magazines and see if there’s anything you can borrow.

Your outfit should match your wedding theme and also feel comfortable. It is advisable to visit a wedding veil designer and discuss what you want. If you have identified the right veil in a magazine, take the magazine with you to the designer. Do this early enough to avoid a last-minute rush.

Don’t fall for the first dress you see

If you are shopping for a dress, remember the first looks are deceptive. So you have to take your time. Even if the first dress looks fabulous, continue looking around. You can also move from one shop to the next.

You might be surprised to get the best dress in the 6th or 7th shop. The secret here is not to be in a hurry, but to take your time to get the best.

Bring your trusted family members and friends on board

In deciding on the perfect look for your wedding day, you can’t work alone. What you consider as the best, may not be so in the eyes of the other people. So, while shopping for any wedding outfit or accessories, walk with a friend or a family member.

Of course, you must choose someone who also wants your wedding to succeed, not a traitor. Getting the opinion of a trusted person is essential in picking the best wedding outfit and accessories.

Buy shoes

It would be best if you bought shoes after buying your wedding dress so you can match them. The shoes you buy should match the dress and be fashionable and comfortable to wear.

Remember, you’ll be in these shoes from morning to evening so that any discomfort can spoil your day. What you did with the wedding dress also applies to the shoes. Shop around and ask for the opinion of a trusted family member or friend.

Buy accessories

If you have to buy new accessories, ensure they match the wedding dress and shoes. Whether it is a watch, a pair of earrings, or a necklace, they should all be in harmony. The accessories should be of high quality, and they shouldn’t irritate your skin.

You may need help from a wedding stylist when deciding on the best accessories. However, you shouldn’t overdo the accessories to avoid looking out of place and heavy.

Plan for your hair

Your hair matters a lot on your wedding day. There are many wedding magazines out there that you can get inspiration from. There are also many styles you can choose from.

The style you choose should match your wedding theme and your skin color. Some styles may not be physically possible with your hair, so don’t push things so hard.

It is better to hire a hairstylist for your wedding. Such a professional will guide you on choosing the best hairstyle and on when to have it done.

Getting a good makeup

Wedding dress, shoes, accessories, and makeup go hand in hand. Even if you are not used to wearing makeup, you’d better try it on your wedding day. It will make you look fantastic. Choosing the right makeup is a big challenge, and you may need a makeup artist.

Wrapping it up

Planning early for your wedding is the only way to ensure you get everything right on your wedding day. A wedding ceremony is a one-day event, and just a simple mistake can spoil it. So, ensure you only surround yourself with trusted people who are after your success. Also, remember to hire professionals if necessary. These people have the experience, and they usually have the interest of their clients at heart.