4 Must-Haves for Your Wedding Day

For many of us, our wedding day is one of the most important events we will ever celebrate, and we all hope and pray for the perfect nuptials. Of course, there are lots of details that come with your walk down the aisle, and if you’re organized, you will be better off than most couples and can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Everyone’s wedding day is unique and tailored to their individual lifestyle, but there are some key must-haves that you shouldn’t ignore for the huge moment. Check out our advice, and save yourself stress and trouble.

Garment Bag

This may sound super silly because you already receive a garment bag when you buy your wedding dress, but these standard store covers are usually cheaply made and not the best protective and transportive bag for your precious gown.

When it comes to a great storage option, choose a garment bag that is large enough to accommodate the entire dress without the gown bunching up at the bottom. You also want a breathable bag material that can still protect your pristine white dress from any airborne particles or even annoying bugs.

Don’t forget to invest in a hanging door hook for your garment bag, especially if you are traveling.

By the way, airlines have their own unique policies about taking a wedding gown on board as carry-on luggage. Call ahead to find out the details. For example, some airlines may allow you to put it in their first-class closet.

Survival Kit

As flawless as your planned nuptials appear to be, something can go wrong, and it usually isn’t a big deal, but having a wedding day survival kit is a smart idea. Yes, there is such a thing.

Of course, there are his and her survival kits you can put together for your big day, but here is the bridal kit and what goes into it.

Bridal consultants recommend a sewing kit to fix loose threads, a tear, etc. You should also tote along some dental floss and mints, tissues, clear polish, and super glue to repair broken jewelry, shoes, or a run in your nylons.

Also, carry a bottle of water and a snack like a granola bar if needed. Bobby pins, a comb, and hairspray are handy, and deodorant never hurts to have at the ready. Lipstick, makeup, blotting paper, and fragrance round out the list and don’t forget the ibuprofen, band-aids, etc.

Disposable Cameras/Wedding Photographer

Ask any bride and groom about trying to get to every guest to celebrate with at their wedding reception, and most couples will say that it can be challenging. That’s why disposable cameras or Polaroid cameras are fun to include at each reception table so that your guests can have a blast capturing those crazy and memorable moments of the evening.

Of course, you’re also going to need a wedding photographer to capture all the moments that you won’t be able to. That first look, you walking down the aisle, and that first kiss. It is simple to find a photographer, but you will want to do your research for one in your area. For example, a simple google search like “wedding photographer in Ft. Lauderdale” will do the trick. They will be busy the entire time snapping pictures of your event, and an experienced professional will have a good idea of when photogenic moments are likely to happen.

Great reception images feature action shots like the toss of a garter or bouquet. These amazing traditions tell the story of every couple’s wedded bliss.

Wedding Favors

It’s an old-fashioned custom that your guests will appreciate, and it’s also a fine way to go out on a big note.

Don’t forget the wedding favors. They’re a sweet way for saying thank you to your guests for coming and celebrating your nuptials.

Back in the day, guests received personalized matchbooks, but you can get more creative and wow your friends and family.

There are all kinds of favors to consider, especially for modern weddings today. For example, personalized wine stoppers are nice, a leather bottle opener is hip, or how about sending your guests home with candy jar treats or perhaps, mini golden kissing bells tied with a pretty ribbon?

Congratulations! Your wedding day is uniquely your own, and we can imagine all the fine and intricate details that will go into it. Try and relax, get organized, and look over our simple, must-have tips we’ve outlined here. We are sure your day will be a special one!