5 Impressive Outdoor Venues You Can Consider

outdoor wedding

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the daunting decisions you can make. It takes confidence, awareness, and prior experience with wedding planning to make the right choice. There are several factors to consider, from the available space, seasons, and weather conditions, to personal taste and preferences. 

Not putting yourself and your preferences first, is one of the common wedding mistakes most people make. You don’t want to go with other people’s opinions and neglect your tastes and desires. Your wedding is an important life event that’s supposed to make you and your partner happy and satisfied. In this article, we take you through the 5 most amazing wedding venues you need to see.

Quonquont Farm, Massachusetts

Quonquont Farm is a rare event space, situated in the historic community of Whitely, Massachusetts. It’s a 140-acre apple and peach orchard that offers a generous hospitality space for a wide range of events. The rambling blueberry patches, flowering meadows, and the serene forested uplands make this farm a love-at-first-sight. 

There’s a lot that describes this scenic venue, but the barn and the silo bar are the two major attractions. The barn features a 5000 square foot space and hosts approximately 200 seated guests. A catering kitchen, full bar, and spacious, air-conditioned restrooms are available to ensure comfort and convenience.

The silo bar is where your guests get a taste of the vibrant New England wineries. Here you enjoy delightful concoctions of everything sweet and savory. Cocktails and fresh juices are custom-prepared and served to match the event. Your wedding gets more interesting in an environment where you and your guests enjoy breathtaking views of a natural setting inspired by a rich agriculture background.

74WYTHE, New York

Located in the City suburbs, 74WYTHE is an all-rounded hospitality avenue that features five beautiful spaces for hosting a wide range of events. Weddings are a thing here, and guests enjoy a unique and state-of-the-art reception. Depending on what you want, you can reserve the main room, a courtyard, a green room, the Jbird cocktails bar, or the icon rooftop space.

This venue is an epitome of class and elegance. It’s an excellent Brooklyn wedding venue with an option to choose your perfect wedding space. If you’re looking to host less than 200 seated guests, the rooftop area is your best pick. Here, guests marvel at the unobstructed Manhattan skylines’ views as they enjoy a pure natural light and a fresh breeze from the open environs.

Paradise Cove, Florida

Paradise Cove is a popular wedding venue located in Orlando, Florida. Lake Bryan’s natural and scenic beauty gives this venue a fantastic backdrop you won’t find anywhere else. From the white sandy beaches, cypress trees, to the swaying palms, the serenity of this place is unmatched. 

Tiki bars, tiki torches, and twinkle lights add a delicate ambiance to the relaxed, yet sophisticated landscape. The cool breeze off the lake breaths life and grace to the newlyweds, making it a perfect love island. Paradise Cove has been dimmed the best-kept secret in Orlando due to the reserved and hidden nature of a countryside that’s in harmony with the adjacent environs. The staff here are also friendly and down-to-earth people. 

Camp Navarro, California

Located 135 miles north of Bay Area, Camp Navarro sits in between the beautiful Mendocino coast and the world-class wineries of Anderson Valley. This is an all-rounded event space that brings nature right to you. Navarro River flows past the scenic redwoods and creates a serene environment perfect for weddings and formal events.

The 200-acre property hosts more than enough guests, and with several housing options, the newlyweds can spend their after-party in the cabins or the glamping teepee tents. If you’re in for an exceptional wedding, where you and your guests enjoy the incredible views of the adjacent woodlands – this is the option for you. You also avoid the hassle of traveling to some expensive and crowded places.

Red Rock Country Club, Nevada

From world-class amenities to an irresistible scenic landscape, Red Rock Country Club is a popular wedding venue in Nevada. It has been ranked among the top 20 best wedding venues and featured as a favorite events spot among the locals.

The panoramic views of the Red Rock Mountains, the well-manicured grounds, and the rolling golf greens gives a perfect background for wedding photos. A wedding reception creates the right atmosphere with bistro lighting and a comfortable mix of chameleon chairs. Guests can later mingle and trade stories beside the wood-burning fireplace. 


Bringing out the best of your wedding event takes more than just the flowers and decoration. A wedding venue is probably the most vital aspect that determines how classy and memorable the experience is. Before prioritizing the wedding outfits, rings, and even reception location, you would want to choose the perfect venue for the two of you.