6 Fun Gifts to Give Your Spouse for Your Anniversary

Anniversary gift exchanges can be a lot more fun than just giving flowers and chocolate. Although cliches like those are better than nothing, they can also be pretty limiting in terms of creativity. You want to show your spouse that you’ve put thought into your gift. These are six great ideas for anniversary gifts that should surprise and thrill them.

New Underwear

Whether you’re thinking sexy or just practical, underwear can make for a terrific anniversary gift. There are arousing bra and panty sets you can buy or high-quality ones your spouse can wear while going about their day. This isn’t limited to wives, either. Men can love having a good pair of silk boxers and some quality undershirts. Sometimes, it’s truly the little things that make the biggest impact.


A massage can provide relief in ways your spouse didn’t know they were craving. To give your spouse the best possible experience, buy them a massage at the best spa in the area. You might envy them for the great gift they’re getting. Consider splurging and getting a couple’s massage. Let yourself be soothed by the entire experience, from the feeling of the masseuse’s hands digging into your joints, to the relaxing music playing on the speakers. You can leave your appointments feeling very rejuvenated. That will make you a lot better equipped for a special anniversary intimacy appointment with your spouse.

Custom Gift Basket

You can order gift baskets online, but customizing one for your spouse is a lot more satisfying. Think of all their favorite things that you could put in here, from gourmet candies to items for their hobbies, such as golf balls. Put this together thoughtfully so that it looks like like something fresh out of a catalog, one published specifically for them. On the morning of your anniversary, try to get up before they do and leave it right at the end of the bed. Hopefully, they’ll be waking up with a sound of absolute glee as they see the generous offering you’ve brought for them.

Boudoir Photography

Smartphone cameras can only go so far in terms of making you look as sexy as you feel. Boudoir photography is a great investment that can make you look like a total sex symbol. Look for a photographer in your area by searching for something like “boudoir photography in Columbus” or your current location to find great boudoir photographers in your area. Your photographer can help you to get your hair and makeup done just right. Bring some of your sexiest outfits and brainstorm different poses with them. When you show your results to your spouse, they might ask for the photographer’s information, so they can book an appointment for your next anniversary.


You won’t be able to make this one overnight, but if you’re willing to put in some time, you can have your spouse absolutely swooning. Find a way to compile various papers from your relationship, from special receipts to ticket stubs and travel brochures. Some of these might seem easily disposable, but holding onto them for a purpose like this gives them a higher meaning. Find ways to make this more fun by including doodles and little notes in the margins. You might not have enough for a full scrapbook quite yet, but it’s always good to keep this idea in your pocket. It’s certain to have you thinking twice before you throw certain things away.

Food Processor

Having a strong food processor like the Vitamix can make your foodie spouse speechless. You can make meals much more quickly as you won’t have to worry as much about stirring and chopping. The variety of dishes you can make is also sure to increase. One of the best things to make with these is soups, which is perfect for cold winter nights. You can also create some great smoothies and other frozen drinks for the summertime. This is a gift that will keep on giving and that your spouse is likely to love, especially if they’re a fixture in the kitchen.

Gift-giving isn’t about the monetary value or practicality of something. It’s about showing someone that you’ve actually put some thought into their gift that shows you care about them. Any of these six items can be a great anniversary gift or help you think about one that you know your spouse would love.