Postponing Your Wedding? Talk To Your Vendors


The pandemic is affecting all areas of our lives. I am starting to receive calls from brides and grooms who are wanting to postpone their wedding. You need to consider that vendors will have different responses to your news that may affect your decisions going forward.

The wedding industry is a buzz about receiving wedding postponements or cancellations during this COVID-19 pandemic. As you start talking with them about your news you will find different return policies – even during this extraordinary time.

Some may stick strictly to the contract you undertook with them in regards to a refund. Others like Artifact Uprising are amazing. For existing customers they are replacing their purchased items at no cost – no questions asked – whether it was invitations, day-of paper, a guest book, or a unique creation of your own. For new customers, Artifact Uprising is offering $50 towards reprinting Day-of Wedding needs, including Save the Dates, Invitations, Day-of Detail Cards, Guest Book and Guest Book Set.

I proactively reached out to my upcoming couples to find out what they are planning and give them some options. I work through and they provide their position.

If they are looking at postponing their special day, AllSeasonsWeddings will transfer your deposit to a new date, time & location. This offer will be open for 18 months from the date of notification of postponement to allow you to firm up your revised plans.

If you decide to cancel altogether the AllSeasonsWeddings regular refund policy will apply and no refund will be due.

One note of consideration is that your marriage license has an expiry date. If you are not married before that date, it will become invalid. You have two options: 1) go ahead with a legal ceremony now, or 2) purchase a new one for your new planned date.

Brides and grooms may elect to continue with their planned wedding. I will be happy to perform their ceremonies. An interesting wrinkle to consider is that City Service Offices are currently unavailable during the COVID-19 crisis. As such, they will be unable to purchase a marriage license. Special arrangements will need to be made.

I wish everyone the best during this trying time.