5 Unique Ways to Set Your Wedding Day Apart

Photo of amazing wedding hall isolated

No bride and groom want their wedding to be an ordinary affair. While most weddings follow a certain magnitude of traditional elements, you can make yours stand out by making an effort to mix it up. Here are five unique ways to set your wedding day apart.

Share Your Story

One way to make your wedding stand out from the crowd is to share your love story through various personalized elements. A wedding is about the start of a new season in life. Start your story with your wedding ceremony program, using this to tell the details about how you met and then became engaged. Your wedding vows are also an ideal place to include anecdotes about your special relationship. Make it serious or funny or a combination of both to convey the depth of your feelings. This will allow your guests to be a part of your world as you celebrate this new start in life.

A picture is truly worth a thousand words, making photos a great way to tell your story. At the reception, you can include various pictures to help to tell the story of your evolving relationship. Talk a walk down memory lane and use these snapshots to express your personality and life together.

Use Music to Create the Mood

The use of music is a powerful way to give your wedding a personality of its own. Start with playing a meaningful song to you as your guests walk into the ceremony venue. You can incorporate thoughtful pieces throughout the ceremony that convey your feelings. Rather than letting the DJ or band choose the music at the reception, be sure to take an active part in the song selection. You know best how your guests will react to different types of music so be sure to choose songs that engage everyone and get the party started.

Create Your Look Thoughtfully

All eyes will be on the bride so be sure to create your look thoughtfully. For a truly unique wedding, do not limit yourself to traditional dress conventions. Think outside of the box when choosing the wedding dress if you want people to remember something distinct about your day. You can also make a statement by paying attention to the accessories for your wedding day attire. In addition to all of the jewelry choices, it is important to not neglect to put thought into the shoe selection. There are many wedding style shoes including, bella belle shoes that are the perfect finishing touch to any wedding dress.

Elevate Your Food and Drink

Most wedding guests will not remember the flowers or the favors but they will likely remember the food and the drink offerings. You can elevate an ordinary wedding into something worthy of remembrance by putting extra money and care toward the menu selection. One fun way to set your reception apart from the rest is to offer a creative mixed drink to guests when they arrive. This drink should signify something that means a lot to you and your new spouse. For example, if you are going to Mexico for your honeymoon, you could serve a margarita.

In order to encourage guest interaction, you may consider setting up food stations that facilitate conversation. If you want your reception to convey a more elegant vibe, you are likely going to want to go with a sit-down dinner option. Regardless of the angle that you choose, your reception will be one to remember if you go beyond the standard beef and fish food options.

Offer an Alternative Guestbook

Why settle for a traditional wedding day guest book when you can choose something more unique? Good ideas include a rack of wine bottles with personalized labels that guests can sign, a photo with a blank matte to leave your name and well wishes, and puzzle pieces that can later be assembled to form a collage of remembrances. Not only will this make your wedding different, but it will also provide you a special momento.

Your wedding day should be a reflection of your personality and your life. Incorporating these unique elements will make your day stand out and create lasting memories for everyone in attendance.

Contributed by  Samantha Higgins who is a professional writer with a passion for research, observation, and innovation. She is nurturing a growing family of twin boys in Portland, Oregon with her husband. She loves kayaking and reading creative non-fiction.