Winter Wedding Style Essentials

Just imagine the crisp, clear beauty of a venue garden covered in snow, a bride wearing an emerald green wedding dress, and a groom in a tailor-made suit, with snow crunching beneath their feet as they enter the vast, warm space of their venue. The sheer fairytale-like sensation of the entire event is enough to give you goosebumps, but truth be told, it can be quite tricky to prepare yourself for such a wedding as a guest. Can you pull off high heels in snow and ice? Will you be warm enough with your silky pashmina?

How about choosing a long-sleeved dress or a power suit? While runny makeup is typically not an issue during winter, you might want to be careful with the foundation – you don’t want a cakey texture in those wedding photos. So, preparing for a winter wedding has its challenges. Let’s find a few solutions you and your plus one can rely on so as to have fun and look stunning in one go!

Play with texture and saturation

Yes, the snow makes it simpler to style, but you can sometimes use the added color boost for the sake of versatility and warmth. Plus, as much as we all love the little black dress, winter is the perfect time of year to try out your ultraviolet dress, or that emerald green jacket. All in all, saturated hues can be a brilliant way to brighten up your appearance.

Add to that, different fabrics such as satin and velvet are a dream come true for winter weddings. They are not just warmer in nature, but they also give off a completely different sheen level and they give you plenty of room to play with cuts and layers. Apricot orange, brick, and maroon are also lovely for weddings, so try out different shades to find the right fit for your skin tone.

Accessories to elevate your style

Even on the gloomiest of winter days, what you choose to wear can be all you need to boost your mood and your attitude for this joyous occasion. This applies for ladies as well as gents, since a snazzy accessory is all it takes to spruce up a regular tux or a simple long-sleeved dress. For example, men should consider wearing custom engraved watches that not only carry a personal message, but they also fit the modern man’s look-book perfectly. 

A timepiece is a good choice for women, too, especially if you go for a power suit as your go-to ensemble. However, you can also go for a layered necklace, or merely a pair of earrings to keep your look minimalist and low-maintenance. 

Power suits for your inner diva

Pantsuits are a special treat for anyone who has their own personal style developed down to a tee. They are a perfect option for winter weddings, and they give you plenty of play room for embellishment, add-ons, and choosing contrasting footwear to give you that edgy vibe you love so much. 

However, if you’re not in the mood for a power suit, you can actually try styling an elegant jumpsuit that will give you a slightly less formal, but still exceptionally elegant appearance. They come with long sleeves, no sleeves at all, and all kinds of cuts and shapes to accommodate your body and your liking. Throw a stylish pashmina into the mix, and you have what you need for the wedding!

Closed-toe shoes with an edge

If you’ve seen some of the latest runway-inspired looks, you’re no stranger to pantyhose paired with open-toed sandals. While they might not be a favorite for a fashionable lady such as yourself, you can certainly use the combo for a slightly more daring ensemble. Alternatively, closed-toe shoes and booties can work majestically with anything you choose to wear. 

Men, on the other hand, can stick to their trusted oxfords, although a pair of stylish boots is another excellent choice. Standard leather brown and deep black colors apply for a winter wedding, making it much simpler for you to pick your suit shade. Ladies, much like with your attire, your shoes can add some more warmth when you select something softer and comfier such as suede as your fabric of choice. Satin is another elegant option, but you don’t want to outshine the bride, so make sure you use something comfortable, warm, and nothing white or off-white! 

There are so many ways to add some sophistication to your winter wedding look, you just need to find ways to keep yourself warm and comfortable while you find your style solutions. Use these solutions to keep your look simple, but effective, and to build an approach that will help you craft a unique winter look for any upcoming wedding.