Exotic Destination Honeymoon Essentials

Traveling is always cool. It doesn’t matter where we’re going, for how long we are staying there and who we are going with – we are always looking forward to packing our bags and heading off to a new destination. Now, honeymoons are a bit more interesting and probably more exotic. This is a trip that (hopefully) happens only once in a lifetime, so it is your job to try and find the most exotic destination that you can and make the most of it. People opt for the most various honeymoons they can find, starting from exotic places such as Bali or Bora Bora to safari in Africa or visiting an interesting and unique European country such as Iceland. Regardless of where you’re traveling, you need to have a certain packing list so as not to forget something. Take a look at the essentials for any honeymoon involving an exotic destination.

Think of the papers

The first thing that you need to pack are the papers and the documents that you cannot travel without. This, first of all, includes your passport, plane tickets and booking confirmation. You might think that mentioning this is unnecessary, but you wouldn’t believe what kinds of things people forget and how often they forget them. So, this is the thing that should be on the top of your list, and make sure you prepare everything a couple of days prior to your actual packing. This also includes any booking confirmations you have for something else – such as museums, theaters, exhibitions and parties.

Pack for the worst

Photo by Brandless on Unsplash

Even though you will be hoping for the best, it would be a good idea to pack for the worst. This means that no matter where you are going, pack for both hot and cold weather. Most commonly, people go on honeymoons at exotic and hot destinations, which means that bathing suits would be the first thing to pack. Since you never know what to expect and you do not want to go unprepared, it would be a great idea to pack several fashionable swimsuit bottoms, just in case. This will also make sure that you can combine the bottoms with other tops, thus creating more space in your suitcase – you will only need two bottoms and a couple of tops to make several new and original swimsuit combinations. Apart from that, pack casual clothes such as shorts and jeans, t-shirts and also something long-sleeved in case it gets colder.

Ladies and gentlemen

Apart from the casual clothing that you are filling your suitcase with, you will have to pack something formal as well. Remember that this is your honeymoon and you will probably go to at least one formal dinner party or have a romantic date for two on the beach. For this reason, have a nice dress at hand (a little black dress is always a very safe option as it never goes out of style). If you are a guy, or you are a lady that is packing for her guy because he doesn’t know what he needs, make sure you pack nice pants, a blazer and several shirts that he will wear on those romantic dates. 

The must-not-forget items

Photo by Elaine Tu on Unsplash

How many times has it happened to you that you went somewhere and you realized that you hadn’t packed something crucial? If you have your passport with you, your ID and the booking confirmations for various reasons, see if you packed the other necessities that you cannot purchase at the destination you are going to. The first thing on this list is your charger –- you won’t be able to make it there without a charger and then again, buying one is out of the question as you would be spending a lot of money for something you do not actually need. 

Is there room for extras?

What are the extras? What are the things that you can, honestly, live without, but you want to take with you? First of all, make sure that you have enough books for you to spend your beach days with when you just want to lie around and do practically nothing. Also, stock up your phone with music for the flight if you find yourself there in utter silence (but then again, perhaps the utter silence is exactly what you need). A camera is also a thing that you should pack in your suitcase. 

You might think that packing is quite easy, but you would be surprised by how many things people forget only because they haven’t been thinking about the actual destination they were going to. Think about the weather and the things you want to see there. Is there something that would make this experience much more satisfying? If yes, and you have it at home, bring it with you. May you have a great trip and an amazing time!