Best Tips on Accessorizing for a Future Groom

The wedding day is one of the most important days of every man’s life. To plan a wedding thus requires a lot of time and work, from finding the venue to choosing the bride’s and groom’s outfits. And exactly the wedding day outfits are what requires a bit of creativity and originality. Although it may seem that more attention is given to the bride’s wedding dress, this in no way means that the groom shouldn’t look equally incredible on this big day. An amazing, tailored suit is a must, but what about accessories? That is why we are here to help, bringing some tips on how a future groom should accessorize.


A tie or a bow tie is a detail that will make any groom look extremely dapper on his wedding day. You can go for a classic and always popular necktie, and make it a bit more modern with a minimalistic tie bar in silver or gold. When it comes to the color, black, navy or gray are colors you cannot go wrong with, but more vibrant shades are also a great option, as well as different patterns. The best option is probably to opt for a nuance so that your overall outfit is coordinated with the dress that your bride will be wearing.

On the other hand, you can choose to wear a funky, but an equally sophisticated bow tie. Recently, bow ties have gained in popularity, and this is no surprise, considering that they nowadays come in a number of incredible styles. For your wedding day, you can opt for an elegant, black silk bow tie or a bit more fun one, such as a floral one or a customized bow tie, which can have your bride’s name embroidered on it.


A truly perfect addition to any stylish wedding day look is a great watch. This timeless piece of accessory is a mark of a confident man who knows what fashion is really about, and that is details. You cannot go wrong if you choose to wear one of the extraordinary Japanese watches, preferably deciding for one that goes best with your suit as well as your personal style. Additionally, pay attention so that you are in harmony with your bride’s choice of jewelry, thus if she has opted for silver pieces, you should make an effort to find a refined and luxurious silver watch.

Pocket squares

A fun, yet fashionable way to add a pop of color to your tuxedo or your three-piece suit is by incorporating a silk pocket square. This little accessory will look best if you have chosen to wear a bow tie instead of a necktie. Furthermore, you don’t actually have to match your bow tie to your pocket square. Contrary to popular opinion, you can opt for two complementary colors, and even decide to match the color of your pocket square to the color of the flowers your bride is wearing. Similarly, the groomsmen can match the shade of their pocket squares with the dresses the bridesmaids are wearing. Another important thing is to practice how to fold the pocket square and to go for a fold that is the most fun for you and that best suits your personality.


A fashionable groom doesn’t have to wear a lot of jewelry in order to achieve a polished look for his wedding day. Therefore, a sophisticated watch and an exquisite pair of cufflinks are all you need. Don’t forget to make sure that all of the jewelry you are wearing is in the same tone, so go for silver cufflinks if you have opted for a silver watch. You can also elevate this traditional piece of jewelry by opting for cufflinks that have pearls or even customize them by engraving your wedding date on this piece of jewelry.


Finally, follow these tips and look stylish while enjoying your wedding day. And don’t forget that this day is all about you and your gorgeous bride, and the love you celebrate.