How to Wear 1 Dress to 3 Different Weddings

Another wedding is on the way and you find yourself in need of yet another dress for such an occasion. Eventually, you find your wardrobe stuffed with numerous dresses which you wore only once. Although it seems like that’s the way the world works, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. 

The trick is to wear the same dress more times in different ways. Don’t think of this exercise as repetition, but rather as improvisation. The constraints of working with what you already have not only make you a more conscious consumer but they also challenge you to strive for more creative results. Here are some ideas on how you can make more use of every dress you have ever worn.

Consider your shoe choices 

There are different kinds of weddings, so at some point, you might be invited to a less formal one. In this case, deciding on a red-carpet diva look might not be the best way to go. But then again, you find that you’ve got nothing less formal in the dress section of your closet. Luckily, there are ways to transform the formality level of a dress by choosing the right shoes. There is one rule you can definitely rely on in this case, and that is the higher you go – the more formal you get. High heeled shoes can make a potato sack look like a reasonably formal dress, so imagine what they can do to your regular cocktail dress. On the other hand, modestly-styled pumps with a short heel can make a gala dress seem more down-to-earth and suitable for more casual wedding ceremonies.  

Jewelry makes a difference 

It’s amazing how small details can change an overall outfit look. A simple little black dress is the perfect base for conducting accessory experiments, but you can try out different looks on much more colorful dresses, too. For example, if you have a V-neck floral dress, a long necklace can create a more open look than a short, neck-tight one. Earrings are among the most important details, and simply by wearing a pair of hoop earrings with a matching ring and a discrete necklace, you can transform a very casual look into a formal one. Furthermore, use the color of the jewelry to make a statement and provide your look with different contrasts. A royal blue dress worn with lush emerald stones can never look the same when completed with topaz hued jewelry instead.

Your hair and nails also count

We tend to forget that our hair, skin and nails are also a part of our look, and consequently, they can make a huge impact on the overall outfit. There’s a reason why many fashion companies nowadays hire many different-looking girls to model for the same piece of clothing – it doesn’t look the same on all of them. So, you can imagine how that mustard yellow dress you wore to the last wedding can transform if you had long blonde hair the last time but the next time you show up in the exact same dress with short, dark hair. Nail polish is also an important part of every look, so make sure you choose high-contrast statement colors to make a stronger effect. Late summer weddings are known to be full of dark, tanned looks, but if you want to wear the same dress to an early spring wedding, think about how a paler tan can also affect your dress’s appearance. 

Finally, don’t forget that what counts most is how comfortable you feel in the look that you have created. There’s no shame in wearing the same dress several times, but it’s rather, it’s more eco-friendly and reasonable. Let your creativity run wild and get onto mixing and matching for your next wedding look.