Choosing a Perfect Anniversary Gift

It’s natural that you want to give your partner something special for your anniversary. This means you can’t just stop at a gas station on your way from work and pick out something that will impress them. You want your significant other to realize you put a lot of thought and work into their perfect present. After all, your anniversary happens once a year, so no matter how much un-romantic you are, you have to show the love of your life just how much you care. If you’re stuck with choosing the perfect gift, here are some ideas that will certainly inspire you.

Choose a traditional routeChoose a traditional route

Every year of marriage has a symbol that represents your relationship. Year one asks for a paper gift, year to for cotton, year three is leather and so on. Gifts like these are not only thoughtful but also very traditional. Also, these allow you to take an unexpected route: for your first anniversary you can opt for a scratch-off map, recycled paper art, books, prints of your wedding photos and many more interesting gifts.

Be sentimental

In the core of every gift lies sentiment. For most people, romance is the main ingredient of sentiment, so you can start by writing a love letter from the heart. Pick out some beautiful parchment and wrap it around a red rose or tuck it into a bouquet. This sentimental gift is truly priceless.

Organize a dinner for two

If your partner has everything or if they really don’t care for material things, you can try your hand in the kitchen. Preparing a romantic homecooked meal will show them just how much you care for them. No matter if you’re able to cook something elaborate or if all you can whip up is a simple casserole, the time that you spent in the kitchen will be greatly appreciated. If you can’t impress with your skills in the kitchen, you can try harder when it comes to the table setting. Grab your good china, light some candles and set up some flowers. Quiet music and good wine will make your dinner for two even more romantic and intimate and you’ll surely finish the night in each other’s arms.

Think outside the boxphoto-1512163143273-bde0e3cc7407

Try this amazing anniversary gift idea: count the years you’ve been married and grab a corresponding gift. For instance, choose a pair of earrings for your wife if you’ve been married for two years. Today, you can find gorgeous women’s accessories online and get them delivered to your work, so your lady doesn’t suspect anything. Married for three years? Organize a three-part date for your husband with movies, dinner and dancing. Four years? Well, you get the idea.

Go back in time

You probably remember your first date or your wedding day, so why not travel back in time to recreate some of your dearest memories. You can dine in the same restaurant where you had your first date, take a stroll through the park where you proposed or recreate your wedding menu. While you enjoy your anniversary, you can reminisce about all the great things that happened during your years together.

Plan a trip

Is there a destination that holds a special place in your hearts? Or is there a destination you both want to visit? Plan a holiday for two and enjoy a peaceful holiday filled with laughter, romance and relaxation. Even if you can only take a few days off from work, you’ll stay get to enjoy your time together on your romantic getaway. There’s no better way to rekindle the spark in your relationship that a change of scenery.


Picked a shared gift

After some years, you might stop buying personal gifts and choose to buy something that will honor the relationship and home you’ve built. For instance, you can start a tradition where you visit your local plant nursery and pick out something for your garden. After some years, your outdoor space will be filled with rose bushes, lilacs and trees. This way, you also watch your love grow together with your garden. Find something you both like, no matter if it’s gardening, collecting or crafting and you’ll get to spend time together on something that’s dear to your hearts.

As long as you’re thoughtful, your spouse will surely love the gift or gesture you’ve picked out for them. And if you mess up, hopefully, you’ll have many future anniversaries together so you’ll get the chance to make it up for them.