Wedding Food 101: What to Think About When Thinking ‘bout Wedding Food

It might not be the most important part of a wedding, but the food that is served there is definitely something that you should pay attention to. The general feeling of your wedding, including the music, the atmosphere, the decor and the food will all affect the final result and the final opinion of the people. And, OK, even though you won’t be making your wedding only because of the food, nor will the people come in order to eat, let’s see all of the ideas on how to create the best food table out there. What are the things that you need to pay attention to or have in mind? You might think that wedding food is simply putting nicely arranged meals on the table, but the truth is actually much more complicated than that.

The decor

This is not the first thing that you would have to plan out, but it is very important to at least have the decor in mind before you opt for ordering and planning the food. Why? Because some meals are better decorated in a minimalistic way, while others demand a more maximalist approach. This is how you will know what kind of food to go with – is finger food a better option, or do you think that several big meals will be a better idea? This is also an important moment to decide on the menu based on the decor of the wedding. If your theme is a beach wedding for example, then you will have to incorporate plenty of fish and seafood, while a more urban wedding can also have the option of mini burgers as well.

The type of food

Speaking of the type of food, you can literally go crazy here and do whatever you want. If you want to go with your favorite food and the ideas that you had, go ahead. Know that it is important to have tasty food, but after all, it is not a dinner party, and there are other things that you should worry about. Choosing something interesting and unique is the best possible way, as you want to give the chance to your guests to try something new and exotic. This is why opting for amazing catering in NYC is a great idea – these guys are always one step ahead and can provide you with exceptional ideas. If you are not from NYC, you can always find similar companies near you and ask for their services for your wedding.

Other dietary needs

The biggest mistake people make as far the wedding food is concerned, is that they do not actually pay attention to all the details, and thus they forget the dietary needs of some people. First of all, there will almost certainly kids present, and it is important to think about they will eat. Determine how many children will be attending your wedding and make a special menu for them – one that they will find interesting. This means burgers, chicken strips or even cheeseburgers. They do not have to eat the classy food that the adults will eat, as they will not find it interesting. Apart from that, think about vegans and vegetarians at your wedding. Having options for them is extremely important right now, as your goal is for all the guests to be equally satisfied. 

Plenty of desserts

Not everyone likes traditional wedding cakes. Lucky for them, the trends have changed, and now it is practically impossible to serve only one wedding cake at your wedding party. This is why you have to think about multiple desserts, and the more different they are, the better. For example, you can have a wedding cake, but you can also have different cupcakes and muffins, ice cream sundaes, doughnuts, pies, cake pops… whatever rocks your boat. Creating such a dessert table will not only make your guests happier, but it will make the whole wedding much more interesting and photogenic!

Since you want everything to be perfect, make sure to invest enough time planning your buffet as well. If you cannot do it by yourself, ask for help from a relative or a friend. They will probably be happy to help, and you will have an amazing array of meals and desserts for the guests to choose from!