How to Choose Wine for Your Wedding

Congratulations on your wedding! As the big day approaches, it’s important to enjoy every moment of it but also take the necessary steps to prepare and organize everything. One big essential for every wedding is the right menu, especially when it comes to drinks. Of course, among alcoholic beverages, wine has to be an absolute star for every wedding day. If you need some help choosing the right wine for this important occasion, keep on reading.

1. Consider the food you’re going to servephoto-1518619745898-93e765966dcd

In order to find the perfect wines for your wedding, it’s important to pair them well with the main food options you’re going to serve to your guests. In that respect, it’s worth noting that chicken fairs well with both red and white as long as these are on the lighter and medium side. Lighter whites complement fish and seafood perfectly while strong whites are recommended as a company to pork. If you’re going to serve beef, prepare some stronger reds to go with it as well.

2. Maintain a simple variety

Your wedding is not a wine tasting festival. In that respect, don’t feel the need to make things overly complicated for both you and your guests. In general, you need the simplest variety; so, a white, a red and a sparkling wine! When it comes to reds, you can’t go wrong with Burgundy wine like Pinot Noir. Light and refreshing is the key for white wine, so go with something like Sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio. And when it comes to sparkling delights, stick to the most popular choices such as mild champagne or prosecco.

3. How much wine do you need?How much wine do you need?

Many people can overlook the fact that the best way to go with wine for weddings is to secure at least one bottle per person – plus the cushion. That said, if you plan to invite around 100 guests to your wedding, make sure that you have around 120 bottles in store. What’s more, plan for the champagne toast – if you’re not going to be serving champagne as a part of your regular menu, you’ll need around 20 bottles for the toast. Also, talk to the waiters that will be serving at your wedding. As they’ll be the ones pouring the wine into glasses, make sure to tell them to refrain from filling the glasses completely. Instead, wine should be poured around three fingers into the glass. This prevents the wine from getting too warm as well as minimizes the chance of accidents as the waiter carries the tray.

4. Wines should be served cold

There are many different opinions when it comes to the right wine temperature, but the best bet for your wedding day is to keep them all properly cooled, even the reds. Of course, you don’t want the wine to be completely frozen, but, in the end, no matter how cold it gets it can always warm up; on the other hand, serving warm wine right from the start is already a lost cause as the taste is not very pleasant.

5. Don’t focus too much on the season

In general, there’s a wine assumption that states that fall and winter are the seasons for red wines while summer and spring are perfect for whites and roses. This may as well be true, but when it comes to your wedding, don’t worry too much about the seasons. In the end, people want to drink what they like most of the time, regardless of the season.

Don’t focus too much on the season

Don’t disregard your own wine preferences and taste when it comes to choosing the perfect wine for your wedding. Essentially, this can be a good start and even save you a lot of time on this particular task on your wedding to-do list.