5 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone has dreams about their wedding, but when they get that ring on their finger and the planning goes from being a dream to being reality, they soon see that it’s not all a fairytale and that there are things they definitely didn’t account for. If you recognize yourself in this: you’re not alone. So many people around the globe are planning their wedding and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. To make sure you are doing everything you can and have an amazing wedding, start by avoiding these mistakes:

Not starting with the guest list

Your guest list will play a major role in a lot of factors, from the venues you have available to your budget and catering options and the stress level you have to prepare yourself for. If you’re not sure where to start your wedding list or where to draw the line, go with the number of closest family members who need to be there and times that by two. When you fill up those slots, if you still have room in your budget or you feel like some friends are missing, add them on. Remember: this is your wedding and you don’t have to invite your aunt twice removed just because she invited you to her daughter’s wedding. You want people there whom you love spending time with and who will enjoy the same setting as you – because that’s what your wedding is going to be.

Stretching your budget

When you see how much money you can set aside, subtract a few thousand dollars for the inevitable unplanned expenses and work within that budget. Don’t try to stretch it because you don’t want to start your marriage off in debt. You’d be surprised by how much money you can save if you get creative. For example, plan a late evening wedding and announce to your guests that only light cocktail snacks will be served. It’s a party, not a dinner, so don’t feel obligated to feed a hundred people – they’ve got fridges at home.

Organizing without a full plan

You might have seen details here and there that you would like to incorporate into your wedding, but really you probably don’t have the big picture just yet. One of the best ways to get inspiration is by visiting a big bridal expo and seeing all the different trends and offers they have. Without this step, you might start planning your wedding without a specific plan in mind and then end up with an uncoordinated wedding look that will just not be what you set out to do. At expos, you can also meet and talk to some of the best wedding planners in the world and pick up some very useful tips.

Not putting yourself first

Your mom wants the red centerpieces and your future mother-in-law wants the blue drapes and you just want them all to leave you alone to get married in a meadow in the middle of the woods. You will always have other people giving you advice and wanting their ideas incorporated, but you have to remember whose wedding this is and follow your wishes. It’s always good to have input, and when you’re lost, you can ask others for their opinions, but at the very start of the planning, make it clear that you are going to do this your way and that they shouldn’t butt in if they’re not asked. And if someone from your family offers to pay for the wedding, you can accept that, but make sure they know that doesn’t mean they can blackmail you into throwing their dream wedding.

Getting hung up on specifics

Knowing the exact wedding dress you want and the exact flower arrangements and the exact cake decorator might seem like a good start, but it’s actually the fastest way to be disappointed in your final result. Sometimes, the things that we want are out of our price range or don’t work well with the rest of our wedding or are just not as important as they might seem. You might want to get married on your exact dating anniversary, but your dream venue is available only the weekend after. Are you going to wait for a whole year? Hell no! Have an idea of what you want and stay flexible for things that will come your way and completely surprise you.