What to Wear to Your Best Friend’s Wedding

If the wedding of your best friend is approaching, that means that you have to do your best to look amazing. After all, this is not just another wedding around the corner, as it’s this one where you should show how good-looking you are. Now, the most asked question when friend’s weddings are concerned is “What am I going to wear?”, and believe it or not, it’s a question that comes from both girls and guys. Well, if you have asked that question and you don’t know what to wear for your best friend’s wedding, take a look at this short but sweet list of things that might help you out.


Choose your color

The first thing that you need to do is choose the color that you want to be in (which is the one that best fits your skin tone). Contrary to popular belief, this is the first step that you should make, as it’s very important how you see yourself at the wedding party. Then, according to the color that you choose, you will have more freedom to choose things you want to wear and find the best possible outfit. Think about the colors that look good on you and the colors that accentuate your features. Royal blue and turquoise are colors that are always popular for weddings and can look quite classy, but then again choose the one that you like the most.

The type of attire

Once you do this, you can proceed to finding the actual attire. The colors don’t have to determine the pattern that you will wear, so even if you find a floral pattern that corresponds to the color you had in mind, you can buy it. Also, nothing is set in stone, so you can make changes along the way, of course. Figure out whether you’re going in a dress or pants. If it’s a dress, try to decide what kind of dress you would like to be in. You can choose a long, formal dress, but you can also go with one of the many fashionable midi dresses and that can make you look incredible. Anything that you choose will be perfect if you feel good in it. As far as the shoes are concerned, you want something fashionable and classy, yet comfortable.


See a tailor

The choices for guys are a bit more limited, as they know they will be wearing a suit and a tie. However, there are many different types of suits that they can wear, so it’s important to wear the best one. The best idea would be to go to a good tailor and get a fitted suit as you want it to look amazing on you. The suits that you buy in stores might make or break your final look, and if they do not fit you nicely, there is a risk of you looking just a bit ridiculous. This is why a tailor is always a good option.

The rules of a suit

Also, once you speak to your tailor, they will tell you about the rules of wearing a suit. Decide whether you want a tie or a bow tie, and pay attention to the size of your sleeves and your collar. All of these things make a difference, and even though girls have more options to choose from and probably think about many other things such as hairstyle, makeup and such, you need to worry about all the aspects of your suit. Wearing a suit is an art, and there are certain rules you have to follow. As far as the shoes are concerned, you can never go wrong with the classic Oxford shoes – they always look good on suits. If you’re not a fan of them though, you can always find some comfortable shoes that look classy and elegant.

Investing time in outfit planning for your best friend’s wedding is a must. It’s something that comes with the friendship, so don’t disappoint!