Wedding Trends For 2019

image 1Typical weddings are boring and are created according to the principle that if you were at one wedding, you saw them all. Therefore, wedding planners are continually searching for new tendencies and concepts.

Wedding ceremonies for 2019 should be bright and stylish, with the future theme and use of modern technologies and materials. In this article, we will view at the most critical and fashionable pieces of the current wedding season popular in 2019. You should consider them right away.

  1. Chamber Wedding

This trend retains its position for a few seasons. There is no need to make it long when it comes to guest lists! You can celebrate in a circle of loved ones and stake on an uncommon concept. Event halls are no longer in fashion! Find some exciting locations: a party on the roof, a holiday in an old manor, a buffet on the riverbank or in an abandoned winery!

  1. Geometric decor

This trend of 2018, which will be relevant this year just as well, is wedding decor with a geometric print. It is worth experimenting with attributes: instead of a traditional arch, decorate with flowers a rhombus or construction of polygons, and replace an ordinary flower vase with a prism or a cube.

  1. Live flowers and plants

It is not necessary to buy expensive wedding orchids or rhododendrons for the decoration of the wedding! To decorate the hall, you can use flexible branches of grapes or willows! If the wedding is in the fall, then the arch can be made of bright foliage and berries (viburnum, mountain ash)! The famous wedding trend of 2019 is around arch! Unusual and stylish! Great location for a photo shoot!

image 2

  1. The black color is still in fashion

No, it should not be the focus! However, black accents look great in the design of the hall, and the image of the bride. Look for inspiration recommended in the collections of wedding dresses 2018 from ReemAcra, VeraWang, Marchesa! It is expected that the trend will continue in the groups of 2019. Monochrome design of the hall is also at the peak of popularity. Black and pastel colors are a win-win combination.

image 3

  1. Transparent decorations

Glass, crystal, and plastic are favorites of the 2018 wedding season. Such elements give the environment a unique lightness! Cards for guests, invitations, dishes, decor. Fresh and modern!

  1. Photo session at sunset

A new trend that promises to be popular. A day photo session is, of course, right, but in your family album, you have to live in photos taken at sunset! The sun is leaving for the distance, endless landscapes and your love. Maybe a subject for the eternal novel?

  1. Unusual menu

Trend 2018 is food-bar on a specific subject! If this is a buffet table, then let it be grilled dishes on one table as the first course, pastries as the second course, and a seafood bar as the third course. You can go the other way, making a corner for the most popular cuisines in the world. Your guests will be able to try both rolls, and Mexican tacos, and Italian lasagna! Then participate in a master class from the chef in cooking dessert! Guests will like it!

  1. Cake as an art object

The wedding cake has long ceased to be just a dessert. In 2018, white cakes with pastel-colored decor were in fashion. The confectionery masterpiece with golden stucco molding looks interesting, as well as watercolor cakes imitating marble, concrete, and other surfaces. A new trend is caking with “cut off edges. Without too much decor, deliberately careless, but in the meantime, these desserts look very elegant! Finally, the cakes blew up the Internet! Their surface is covered with succulents (edible, of course). However, they are made with such fantastic accuracy that it seems as if the plants were pulled out of a pot a few minutes ago!

What wedding trends would you consider?


About the author

Melisa Marzett is a writer but also a young woman who just like any other woman is interested in girlish things like fashion and wedding. She is currently writing for proof read and enjoying traveling because she can combine work and pleasure.