5 Useful Tips to Help You Plan and Organize Your Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can be truly beautiful, so there’s no wonder why they’re so popular. If your dream is to have an outdoor wedding, you probably have a certain idea about the perfect location. After all, there’s something charming in outdoor venues but personal yards as well. Not to mention the vineyards and countryside in general. But, even though they’re undoubtedly breathtaking, outdoor weddings still require a bit more legwork when it comes to organization and prep. That said, you might find the following tips quite helpful.

1. Rent top-notch tents

1. Rent top-notch tentsEven though you want an outdoor wedding, you still have to make sure that you have a proper cover for the reception. This is where tents can be very useful. What’s more, a tent often sounds inappropriate for a wedding, but these days, there are so many designs and options available that you most definitely can get something that’s even made for a dreamy and magical outdoor wedding day. Just make sure to go with a sturdy and durable option, next to the looks, to protect your guests from the elements.

2. Reception essentials

The tent is not the only thing that would be necessary for creating a nice setting. In order to spruce up the look of the tent, you can get flowy curtains that would gently fall from the tent and create an adequate backdrop. The same can be achieved with faux vine plants and even mixing the two. Depending on the surface as well as the weather, you might need additional floor surfaces to even the ground and wall panels. Don’t forget about portable air conditioners if you’re organizing an outdoor wedding in the summer or propane heaters for weddings in the colder months.

3. Wedding in your own backyard

pexels-photo-940831If you’re organizing an outdoor wedding in your own backyard, you have to make sure that the yard looks the part. Obviously, renting an appropriate seating arrangement is a must. But, considering that backyard weddings are usually smaller in size, it may be better to opt for lounges and sectionals for about four people instead of larger tables and chairs. Obviously, adequate décor is in order and a lot can be achieved with ribbons, fairy lights and LED candles. Also, it’s important to have a nice patio area for the guests. Even if you don’t have one, you can easily create it with a simple DIY that involves using decorative concrete. Don’t hesitate to delegate the task though, especially if you also want a nice garden path to match the wedding atmosphere.

4. Take care of the lighting

Lighting is a very serious task when organizing your outdoor wedding, especially if you’re turning a personal space into the venue. For starters, you’ll need an expert electrician to guide you so that you pass all the inspection laws. When it comes to lighting possibilities, there truly are many. Fairy lights, torches, candles, lanterns and fancy chandeliers are all go-to wedding lighting solutions, together with more unique concepts such as fairy lights in mason jars. Aside from lighting up your tent, make sure that the garden path, surrounding trees and the porch are all well-lit.

5. Find an experienced caterer

pexels-photo-169190Your wedding menu has to be specially crafted, especially considering that it will be an outdoor reception. The common dishes for outdoor weddings tend to differ from the indoor ones. Essentially, the caterer also has to consider the weather in order to be fully prepared for this occasion. This is why it would be best to hire a professional caterer with extensive experience in outdoor weddings. If any of your guests follow a special diet or have food allergies, don’t forget to mention it!

In order to find the perfect outdoor wedding venue, you should know how big you want your wedding to be. Therefore, before you decide to go with your own backyard or vintage castle grounds, create your guest lists and continue the preparations from there.