The Outdoor Wedding Planning Guide

While it’s the most exciting and beautiful period of your life, wedding planning is also demanding, exhausting and time-consuming. For obvious reasons, such as bright blue sky, perfect photoshoot setting, the au naturel decor and the romantic breeze, most weds-to-be prefer outdoor weddings. However, there are a ton of things to consider, from possible rain strategy, through keeping your guests comfortable, to which makeup won’t melt on a hot sunny day. Therefore, pulling off an outdoor wedding may be tricky… but it’s worth it, which is why we prepared a short guide to help you keep things running smoothly for your “I do” day.

1.Check the forecast

Everyone hopes for the nice weather for their wedding day, particularly if you’re planning to have an outdoor ceremony.

Check the forecastHowever, wedding planning usually starts 6 to 12 months in advance, and predicting the forecast when setting the date for the big day is literally impossible. Although rain or shine, you will marry, you also need to be ready for worst-case scenarios. Check the forecast throughout the week preceding the wedding and be prepared with weather-appropriate accessories and alternatives. And even if your forecast app abounds with sunny little icons, do not tempt fate, but develop a plan B just in case.

2.Choose the location

You decided you want it outdoors, but this is not an ending to never-ending choices when wedding planning. Do you prefer a wild location or an actual venue for ceremonies? In both cases, there are plenty of options to choose from in big cities like Sydney. If you don’t consider yourself a wedding expert, or you want to spare yourself some extra planning, find an outdoor venue that does weddings regularly and has most details covered, such as the supply of the chairs and the tent.

3. Set the mood with lightingpexels-photo-169198

Although ceremonies usually start earlier during the daylight, they don’t end with the sunset. And you want the perfect lighting for all those elegant outfits and bright smiles to be seen and captured, particularly the weds. While the scenery comes for free from our Mother Nature, the lighting will require some professional assistance. Instead of trying to take this upon yourself, hire a highly experienced level 2 electrician in Sydney and enjoy the post-sunset romantic lighting with your chosen one.

4. Plan photoshoot time

These will be the most special moments of your lives, and you’ll want to have them perfectly captured so you can look back one day and share them with your kids. Hire a photographer in advance, and discuss the best time of the day, where the sun will be during the ceremony, and similar, so you can plan the ceremony and seating arrangements accordingly.

5. Decorations

Since the very perk of outdoor weddings is the natural decor, handling decoration seems like the least of your worries.

pexels-photo-169192Well, this task is not completely naive either. Depending on the location and the weather, you’ll have to decide on which kind of decor, materials, and requisites you want. However, in any circumstances, make sure it’s windproof, so you don’t need to worry on the day of the wedding will your table decorations withstand a strong breeze or not.

Outdoor weddings are romantic and fairytale-like, but the planning process can be stressful. In order to avoid the stress, and prevent all the ways things can go wrong, plan right and plan on time. So, wait no more – with the help of the guide we shared above, your families’ and friends’, your dream wedding will come true.