The Ultimate Guide for How to Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

After months of hunting for the perfect wedding dress, you have finally found the right one. However, if you think that your wedding day dilemmas and troubles end with this, you couldn’t be more wrong. The list actually becomes longer and longer: shoes, nails, hairstyle, accessories, jewellery and so on. These details, if chosen and done properly, can do your dress justice and enhance the entire look, but can also be tricky to combine. Take a note of the tips and ideas we shared below and worry no more about the finishing touches for your big day look!

1. Keep it simple1. Keep it simple

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should step back from your style or give up the wedding day look of your dreams – it’s more about reminding you that, most of the time, less really is more, and this applies to wedding dress accessories as well. Your makeup, headband and your jewellery are there to enhance the look of your dress, not distract from it. Whether you’re going for romantic lace, princess sparkle and glam or the timeless classic look, stick with soft and neutral makeup shades and simple jewellery pieces.

2. Coordinate metals with your wedding dress colour

Yes, we know your wedding gown is obviously white just like every other wedding gown out there. However, that may technically be true, but there is a myriad of different shades of white, also depending on the material and design. If you want to avoid your shade of white clashing with the metal colours you choose for your wedding jewellery, do a bit of research beforehand. For instance, candlelight tone looks the best if accompanied with yellow or white gold, while champagne white allows you to experiment with almost any kind of metal.

pexels-photo-21223573. Choose jewellery in accordance with your dress neckline

The shape and size of your jewellery need to be coordinated with the neckline of your wedding dress. Whether it’s a necklace, earrings or bracelets, they should complement the neckline of your dress. For instance, a chocker or a shorter necklace is appropriate for strapless or sweetheart neckline dresses, but not ideal for V-neck, while chandelier earrings are a great choice if your wedding gown has an ornate neckline.

4. Flower headband

Multi-coloured jewellery can look messy and therefore is a strict no-no for a wedding look. However, fresh florals in your hair are a perfect way to add colour without overdoing it. Additionally, a flower headband is a great way to bring focus to the bride’s face, and contribute to a soft and romantic look. For an even better effect, tie in elements from your bridesmaids’ bouquets.

5. Be yourself5. Be yourself

You might be thinking that your wedding day outfit is your chance to experiment, go over the top and accessorize like you never would otherwise. However, your wedding day is also most likely the most important day of your life, and you want to feel comfortable in your own skin and in whatever you’re wearing. Remember to stay authentic to your own style and be yourself in spite of the wedding hype, bride glam and everyone’s expectations and suggestions.

Wedding preparations, however exciting and fun they are, can be exhausting, frustrating and very stressful. In addition to the never-ending wedding planning and natural pre-wedding anxiety, as a bride, you must think about every little detail of your wedding day style as well. This is why we compiled the ultimate guide for how to accessorize your wedding dress without having to worry about missing anything or going over the top.