Looking Like You Were Born With It – Simple Beauty Tips

Even though it looks like we’ve never had more choice when it comes to the beauty products we use, simplicity and minimalism seem to be growing trends these days. More and more focus is on natural and organic products, we celebrate vegan and cruelty-free brands, and mineral makeup is becoming more popular than ever, especially among future brides! We try to cover up imperfections but also emphasize our best features, and if you’re hoping to get that “effortlessly beautiful” look, we give you a list of ways you can achieve that effect:

White teeth

Not all of us are blessed with a set of perfect pearly whites, but fortunately, there are ways to make your teeth whiter and brighter. If you’re reluctant to use some of the more aggressive products on the market and can’t afford expensive teeth whitening procedures at the dentist’s office, you can use activated charcoal instead. You simply dip your toothbrush in charcoal powder, brush your teeth thoroughly, and afterwards, brush your teeth with toothpaste. It’s a perfectly natural and effective way to brighten your teeth without causing any harm to either them or your mouth.

Glowing skin

Healthy skin is always beautiful, and if you have problems with acne and blemishes, you might think that smooth, glowing skin is beyond your reach. Fortunately, there are many wonderful natural products on the market you can choose. People with sensitive skin or skin problems like rosacea can use mineral makeup because it won’t cause inflammation. In addition, you can use oils for deep hydration: rose oil and macadamia oil are particularly popular, but you can also use cold pressed castor or grapeseed oil.

Healthy hair

Nothing beats long, shiny, healthy hair, but it’s difficult to keep it that way, especially if you dye it regularly and use heat to straighten it or keep it curly. Coconut oil will do wonders for your hair and it will keep it healthy, but what do you use when you want to help your hair grow? The most important ingredients in a great hair growth shampoo such as Bondi Boost are oils: argan, castor, rosemary and peppermint. Oils will revitalize your hair, and if you want what’s best for your scalp too, look for products that don’t contain parabens or sulfates.

Shiny nails

In order for their hands to look beautiful, many women choose to get acrylic nails. Even though this is a simple way to have long, strong and shiny-looking nails, it’s also bad for them, as wearing acrylic nails for a long time makes your real nails brittle and weak. If you want to change that and help your nails stay healthy and strong, you should moisturize your cuticles regularly, wear strengthening nail polish (but remember to remove it every now and then), and wear gloves when you do your dishes. In addition to this, you should aim to keep your manicure routine simple: nail polish removal, shaping, and a fresh coat on top.

Long lashes

Long lashes are another very popular beauty trait women like and there are several ways you can get your dream lashes even if your own aren’t as long and as thick as you’d like. You can wear several coats of mascara, glue on false eyelashes, you can get a lash lift, or even lash extensions. Out of these options, mascara and lash lift are the simplest and they don’t require too much hard work on your part – you put on your mascara in the morning and remove it in the evening, or you get a lash lift done and forget about mascaras and curlers for a few weeks. If you want more prominent lashes, though, lash lifts and false lashes are the best choice.

When you look through your Instagram feed and see all those beautiful women using the #wokeuplikethis hashtag, it’s easy to feel self-conscious. Remember that even though there are people blessed with perfect hair, skin, nails and teeth, we are all human and we all have imperfections we don’t want others to see. The most important thing isn’t to look perfect, but rather, to be healthy, to feel good about yourself, and to love yourself and your body. Only then will you be happy, and happiness is the best makeup a girl can wear.